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While creating content may be fun, no writer in the world can go on producing interesting material continuously and forever. There are moments when one might fall short of ideas or motivations to come up with high-quality content which is where a blogger may feel stuck. The web already has a tarnished image where many blogs recycle already existing content without contributing anything new. It is because of this reason; the internet needs refreshing and engaging material. Through this post, we tell you the best ways to find blog post ideas for your website that will attract readers.

1. Google Trends

Google Trends is a one-stop solution to help you find the topics that people are searching for. It is not only an SEO tool as people see it, but it also works as a constant idea machine that will keep running your blog. Google Trends is free of cost and using it you can know whether people are looking for new games or affordable WordPress hosting solutions as the Google platform serves for almost every search query on the web. Trends have advanced options like analyzing the performance of the keyword, related searches, region-wise data, and a lot more. Every top blogger must use it.

2. Trends on Twitter

Twitter runs on what people are talking about and becomes just the right place for you to know what will be suitable for your readers. From products to movies, everything that is going popular among people becomes a hashtag in no time. You can follow the trends and create blog posts about the topics related to them. Posting about the trending topics will lead to more traffic on your website from social media and your work will be rewarded. So, next time you are out of ideas, make sure to head on to Twitter and check the talked-about topics.

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3. Check What is Selling

Many people fail to realize it, but shopping sites can help you know the products that people are interested in, something about which you can write. Amazon should be your go-to website if you are trying to make a blog by writing about product specifications, how-to-use articles, and performances. Apart from Amazon, if your country has other shopping sites that are often used by people to buy products then make sure to include them in your research too. A lot of them have different kinds of sales and discount offers which you can write about to attract an audience.

You can have a niche for your blog for which people would exclusively visit your site to know about exciting new deals. Even if your blog niche is completely different, you can post articles about products related to your topics. For example, if you have a site about blogging, you can post about budget hosting for bloggers and mention various services that offer the same.

4. Go Mobile

Almost every service has a mobile app for itself about which people search before downloading. If you manage to create blog posts about such apps with a good SEO score, then there are chances that your site will be indexed higher. You can visit the Play Store or App Store, and find which applications people are downloading and loving the most. Many tech bloggers keep their readers posted about the latest and useful apps which they will like to use.

If you are into gaming, you can create content about game walkthroughs and reviews. One can write about app-only offers for shopping, productivity apps for business, top-grossing applications, and many other downloads that people would find useful. There is no shortage of content once you start considering mobile users for your website.

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5. What’s on the News?

News is a no-brainer. Everyone wants to stay updated and know more about what’s on a story. You can regularly check the latest news and find something related to your expertise. You may create opinion posts on the news or present it in a manner where you make it easier for people to understand. For example, news channels and websites make it difficult for readers to understand finance and budget-related information. If you manage to present articles that explain such news pieces more straightforwardly, then people will automatically start coming for more on your website.

These are some of the easiest ways to get a move on when you are stuck and out of topics for your blog post. Remember, if all fails, ask your readers for help. Only your readers make your blogs successful, so why not ask them? You can have polls on topics to ask them what they would love to read about or check on their feedbacks and comments to get an idea of what they are inclined to. Once you try all these tips in the post, we are sure that you will never have a shortage of blog post ideas.

Author: Ayush Chawla
Ayush Chawla is a software engineer and a passionate digital marketer. For advertising and marketing queries, you could get in touch with him through his blog.