Animation takes imagination to new heights. It broadens your perspectives and motivates you to delve deeper into bringing out a creative side in your idea. Before animation, it was near too impossible to think about creatures with long noses and big heads. It was difficult to give characterization to anything you produce rather than hiring real-life models and making them brand ambassadors. Now if you see the world around you, you will witness the many ways animation is unfolding gems and spreading wonders.
From digital advertisements to promotional ads, animation has paved its way to position itself as a prominent branding asset and means of spreading information. Everybody likes motion graphics after all a video can deliver more than a million messages in just a few seconds. Even a whiteboard animation without having voice-overs can effectively spread your messages through professionally designed visuals. To create flying heroes was a challenging act and involved a lot of camera trickery but with animation, it’s just a matter of a few strokes. Let’s learn about the five ways through which you can enter into the field of animation.

The Baby Steps Mode- Start with Simple Animation

Incorporating science into your motion graphics is a big thing. You need to create characters whose every movement balances nature. Becoming an animator does not mean to start making huge animation movies, you first need to take baby steps. You have to start with the smallest object it is a ball. Make a ball and practice to keep its subtle movements from bounces to throws. You have to show how weight and gravity affect its movement. Add finishing in your creation and then gradually move ahead with your learning.

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Seek References and Observe

The best thing you can do to enhance your skills is to observe closely the models created by the leading experts offering video animation services. You need to observe the subtle movements, gestures, and expressions of the characters. You have to look closely at how the characters move and when they make gestures, from heights to angels and the subtle shift of transitions.
Moreover, you can do one more thing and that is to observe the real-life people around you. You have to dig deeper and learn about the minute details as to how the face changes expression, the appearance of wrinkle when a person frowns to the hanging face upon sadness. The way fingers bend when you intend to point out something to the leg placement during the different postures.

Key Frames

You have to learn about the trick of using frames and dividing movements in accordance with it. Each frame shows a particular movement. After learning about frames, the second thing to keep in mind is the key frame, which shows the first and the last movement of the character or a particular scene. You have to determine the first pose that will begin the movement and the last one, which is supposed to end it.

The Line of Action

Exaggeration is the most amazing thing you can create with animation. That’s the beauty of it. You can make a tiny hero able to fly off into the sky at the same time making one fall from a full storey building on to the ground flat like a bed sheet. If you have watched the incredible cartoon episodes of Tom and Jerry you may have witnessed exaggeration several times but the reason why you enjoyed it lies in the fact that its animation was flawless and the science have a sense of realism. You simply need to keep this in mind when adding a bit of thrill in your production.

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Timing And Frame Rates

Though in animation, we can make a man fly like a bird or show a bird walk like a man but there is a natural beat intact in those subtle movements and transitions. A rhythm is kept that indicates proper frame timings and rates. In other words, the entire nuts and bolts of animation are based on time and rates. It creates an illusion with the timing of frames and rates if changing transitions are observed closely that produces illusions. If you delay the appearance of a single frame, your work will lose credibility and effectiveness.

In a Nut Shell

It will take days for you to take a professional flight but that’s ok to spend some time on the runway before while practicing before you get ready to fly higher in animation.