Hilarious Myths about the Logo Designing That Will Shock You
Close-up Of A Female Designer Working On Multiple Computer At Workplace

Logo designing is a work of great efforts and massive creativity, but there are people around the world who has some of the funniest perceptions in their mind regarding the logo designing that will not only make one laugh out loud but will also be a shocker for some people.

Check out the six most hilarious myths about the logo designing and have fun!


  1. Every Logo Must Have a Secret Message

This misconception has been set in everyone’s mind for a very long time that every logo should be designed in such a way that it displays the company’s or brand’s message for the audience. The message should not be out in the open and clear, but there should be a tricky way to display the message of the company.

Whereas this is nothing but only a misconception, as there are logos of very famous and successful companies who have very simple and elegant logo designs without any message hidden in it, yet they are able to attract their audience and provide satisfaction to the customers.

  1. A Logo Must Tell What Does The Company Do

There are a lot of firms that have the logo designs that are not even slightly close to telling what the company does or what industry they belong to. To remove this practice of only designing the logo that speaks for the company’s work, many reputable logo designing company Dubai, Australia, Canada, UK, USA, India, and of other countries are keeping up their portfolio of developing neutral yet attractive logo designs to clear this thought that there is no need to get the logo designs that tells about the company.

  1. A logo Should Be Timeless, & Should Work The Same For Eternity
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This cannot be possibly true that any logo that was designed initially has to be the same way forever. With the passage of the while, changes are required in the logo designs to make it look stylish and vogue rather than outdated and old-fashioned. There is no big logo designing company Dubai or any other country that can design a logo that can work out forever. Even the big companies like Apple Inc., Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Starbucks had their logo designs modified from time-to-time so that it does not get the audience to lose their interest in it and still find it interesting after the so many years.

  1. No Need to Follow Any Rule or Pattern Create Whatever You Want

This is a very big misconception that there is no need to follow any theme or pattern to create the logo design for the companies. The fact should be clear in the brain that every industry is different and there are a few rules that have to be kept in mind to get a ravishing logo design. There are color schemes, fonts styling and various layouts that are only meant for some specific industries and cannot be followed in creating the logo design of any other industry. For example, the food industry uses the colors in their logo designs using the psychology that ignites the hunger in person after looking at it.

  1. Using Clipart to Create a Logo Is Totally Fine

Some people have this theory in their mind that there is no need to hire a professional logo designer to design the logo design, and that logo designing is a piece of cake, and there are major skills required to create a perfect logo design. People who had thoughts like these end up creating a logo design using the shapes and images from clipart library, which is considered to be an extremely absurd practice. A logo must never be designed using the clipart images. Instead a perfect is the one that is created from scratch using the proper tools for creating a stunning logo design.

  1. Designing a Striking Logo Is a Piece of A Cake
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Now, that we know that many people believed that creating a logo is a very simple task, we should also know that great designing skills, proper knowledge about the logo designing tools, and a brain full of creativity is required in order to form a logo design that catches the attention of the audience with an impulse. So next time when you heard someone say it is easy to design a logo, open the Adobe Illustrator for them and ask them to create a striking piece for you.