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Before we start talking about the dedicated IP address, we need to know about the IP address. Most people are aware of the domain name and also have some know-how about the IP address because billions of people in the world are exploring the Internet. The increase in online business is also due to awareness about the Internet, and that is why most web hosting company and their services including dedicated IP features.

IP stands for Internet Protocol, and it is actually a string of numbers that is used to identify the computer that is connected to the Internet. Your domain name is the address of the website while the IP address is used to determine the location and type of device that is being used by the user.

What is a Dedicated IP address?

As it is ensured from the name, the dedicated IP address is dedicated to a single hosting account. Unlike the shared hosting accounts that share the server’s IP address, the dedicated IP address is assigned to the separate account and the user can access the website through IP address because any other site or user does not share that IP address.

A dedicated IP address ensures the following things.

  • You can visit the website through an IP address
  • You have to use the File Transfer Protocol to access your account
  • It makes sure that the performance is not compromised due to high traffic volume.
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Advantages of Dedicated IP address

There are a lot of advantages of getting a dedicated IP address for your hosting account, and those benefits are described below.

Email Deliverability

When you get a hosting account, you send the emails through the professional email account with the extension of your website name instead of using third-party mail. If you use shared IP, you may face deliverability issues, and it can skip the opportunities for your business. Through a dedicated IP address, the deliverability of the email is ensured, and it helps you to grab the opportunities.

Greater Server Control

dedicated ip

When you are using dedicated hosting, you get the dedicated IP address that is about your server, and you get overall control over the whole server. It is due to that no one is sharing the server with you and you can manage the server according to your requirements without facing any issue from the people or the restrictions from the hosting companies.

View your Website through IP Address

As you are the only one having the whole server, the IP address is not being shared with any other party. You can visit and view your website through the IP address that is assigned to your site. It is helpful for you when you don’t want the domain name registration, but the IP address helps you to access your website. It helps the customers to access your site when you propagate the domain name of your website. It helps the customers to be in contact with you while you do not have your domain name.

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