10 Air Conditioner Brands

We all love the simple comforts of life. And living in a country like India means dealing with varied and extreme climate conditions. That’s why Air conditioners are gaining more popularity ever since the world’s first air conditioning system was first introduced in 1902 by Willis Carrier. He went on to form the Carrier Engineering Corporate and today Carrier AC’s are a household name.

Sound sleep, better air quality, and fast cooling are some of the top reasons behind air conditioners now getting seen as a utility product versus a luxury product. And the growing urbanization, higher disposable income, and increasing mercury levels are sure to augment this industry in the coming years.

And while Carrier air conditioning has come a long way, the market is flooded with multiple brands like Daikin, Voltas, Blue Star, Haier to name a few. If you are looking to buy a new air conditioner, below are the 10 best brands which you should be looking at:


Also referred to as the ‘Common mans’ Air-conditioner, Voltas is an Indian household name and holds the highest market share in the ultra-competitive Indian market.   The biggest USP of the brand is the ability to provide affordable AC’s with strong features within the reach of the common Indian.  For instance, the Window AC’s by Voltas start from INR 16990 upward and come with the ergonomic build, features like instant cooling,  dehumidifiers, and dust filters making it a viable option for those who don’t wish to shell out too much money.

Blue Star

This Indian-based company was founded in 1943 and has been providing low-cost air conditioners with simple yet satisfactory designs. Its unique Precision Cooling technology allows you to set your room temperature in decimals of 0.5 degrees Celsius. Most of the AC’s also come with Virus Deactivation Technology which destroys 99.9% of viruses including the SAR- Cov 2 (the virus that causes COVID 19)  and eliminates 99.999% of bacteria. It would not be difficult to grab a  Blue Star 3-star 1 Ton Split AC with decent features in the under 30000 price segment

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This Japanese brand which makes air conditioners and cooling products in over 150 countries is known for AC’s with the highest energy efficiency ratings thereby maximum power savings. Daikin has established a strong foothold in the Indian segment and is able to woo the Indian customer with low-cost yet high-cooling air conditioners.

Features like Coanda Airflow for uniform room cooling, Econo mode for limited power consumption, Power Chill for instant cooling, and Good Sleep mode have been well received in India.


The ACs manufactured by Carrier is considered to be all-rounders in various categories. Whether it is the sleek design they possess, lower noise levels in comparison to other air conditioners, or the high energy savings they yield.

The Carrier 5 Star 1.5 Ton Split Inverter AC at a discounted price of INR 39999 features the Carrier Flexi-cool technology to adjust the power consumption, a PM 2.5 Filter to offer clean air, 4-in-1 cooling models, and Sleep Mode to let you enjoy uninterrupted sleep without having to adjust the AC temperature.


The USP of these air conditioners is the Self-Cleaning Technology which is a patented technology by Haier and allows users to automatically clean the evaporator of the air conditioner with the tap of a button. The AC’s which come with the latest Triple Inverter technology, are known to give you a 65% energy saving. The Long Air throw feature helps in cooling the extremes of the room which is enabled through its best-in-class motor, optimized fan and air-duct.


The South Korean company is one of the leading AC players in the Indian market which pioneered the dual inverter AC’s which provide higher cooling and energy efficiency. If you are looking for an air conditioner which comes with compelling add-on features, then LG could be a promising brand. With unique features like the Mosquito away technology, Himalaya cool technology for unmatched instant cooling and the Monsoon Comfort Technology for efficient dehumidification, this is one AC you cannot go wrong with.

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The Samsung Convertible 5 in 1 AC lets you control power usage real time as per your cooling needs whether you are working, partying or just chilling. The AI Auto cooling feature which is available in the premium models automatically optimizes the cooling by analyzing your usage behavior. The SmartThing app will allow you to operate your Samsung AC remotely so that you get the perfect cooling once you come home.


Versatility, innovation, affordability and push for energy efficiency are the hallmark of  Hitachi AC’s. They are popular for AC’s which offer a perfect blend of style and energy efficiency thereby making them popular in homes and commercial establishments. The I-Fresh, I-Clean, I-Sense are other features which enable intelligent and efficient cooling.


Lloyd offers Wireless control and eco-friendly air conditioners with Inverter and 4D Express cooling technologies, PM2.5 filter for cleaner air, and other innovative smart features. In addition to Window and Split AC’s, they offer portable Tower and Cassette AC’s.


Panasonic as a brand has always enjoyed good credibility in all the segments it operates in and the Air conditioners are no different. The Econavi Intelligent Sensors are able to monitor human movement, sunlight and automatically adjust cooling power to save energy while ensuring cooling is not compromised. The Nanoe-G air purifying system is able to detect the smallest microorganisms and provide a cleaner living environment.

With over 20 + Indian and Global brands competing in the hyper–competitive air conditioning market in India, it can be tiresome to understand the nuances and features of each AC Model. That’s where the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store can simplify this for you by bringing all your favourite brands under one roof.

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