Best music players for Android

Poweramp Music Player
Poweramp Music Player

Top 5 Best music players for Android

  1. Poweramp Music Player

Perhaps the best and most famous alternative to the standard player is the Poweramp application one of best music players for Android. Download a free trial version of the player and enjoy all the benefits of the application also you can download poweramp apk full version.

Poweramp Music Player
Poweramp Music Player
  • The menu organization is intuitive and simple. In addition, this music player is a very beautiful interface.
  • With the help of countless tuning options and the built-in equalizer, you can adjust the music playback according to your personal preferences. Certain settings can be applied to entire playlists, albums, and even individual songs.
  • The player reproduces un problematically all popular music formats. These include MP3, WAV, AIFF, m4a, FLAC, and ALAC.
  • If there are songs on your Android device without a suitable album cover, this application automatically downloads the corresponding image for you. In addition, you can download the lyrics and then sing along to the performers.
  • If you like the player, you can download the basic, Pro-version, which costs only $1. After a 15-day trial period, this will already be necessary, since the demo version will stop working.
  1. PlayerPro Music Player

Also, a good alternative to the standard application offers the music player PlayerPro Trial. It is not as beautiful as the above-mentioned alternative, but it has almost identical functions.

PlayerPro Music Player
PlayerPro Music Player
  • With the help of svaypov, you can easily get to the menu and can conveniently manage the music. In addition, you can make music playback pause if you turn the smartphone over.
  • If the album cover is missing, this player can also download it, and you can easily add missing tags.
  • Various widgets allow you to place this music player directly on your desktop. Thanks to this you can control your music in one click.
  • This application you can use with full access to all functionality for free for 15 days. Then you will need to upgrade to the Pro-version, which will cost you around $4.
  1. N7Player Music Player
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N7Player bribes a one-of-a-kind interface that you will not find in any other music player.

N7Player Music Player
N7Player Music Player
  • In the beginning, you will be shown a “tutorial”, from which you will learn how to manage all the functions of the music player.
  • The interface is designed in such a way that all names of performers and group names are displayed in the form of a “cloud of names”. With the help of svaypov, you choose the right artist and go to the selection of individual songs or albums. If this turns out to be too complicated for you, you can choose a classic view, showing the name of the track and artist in the form of a list.
  • You can test the full version of the application for free within 14 days, after which you will have to pay $4 to continue the work.
  1. Double Twist Music Player

The Double Twist player is an excellent Android application that replaces the standard music player. At the same time, it is absolutely free and perhaps best music players for Android.

Double Twist Music Player
Double Twist Music Player
  • This free application is built so clearly that you can very quickly switch between your songs or playlists.
  • You can synchronize playlists with your home PC by connecting to it either by cable or wirelessly through an additional application (free) called AirSync.
  • Along with your own music, you can also listen to the radio or even play video. Thus, DoubleTwist is a kind of universal player for your smartphone.
  • With this music player, you can also subscribe to podcasts. In addition, after updating the player you will have the option to protect podcasts with a password.
  1. Google Play Music Player
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The music player from Google is called “Google Play Music” and is released with access to a large number of music tracks. In addition, this player is absolutely free.

Google Play Music Player
Google Play Music Player
  • Download your music and play it on all the devices you own. Just log in to your account on any device and listen to music on your tablet, smartphone or PC, respectively.
  • You can also buy music directly from the application, and in them, you can play them. It does not matter whether you open a full-fledged application or use only the widget.
  • Songs that you buy in the Play Store, you can easily share with your friends through the social network Google+.
  • In addition, if you want, you can get personalized recommendations that suit your musical preferences.

Another good music player is “Winamp”. But since it no longer improves for Android, it’s more logical to use the applications from our review.

Credit : Md. Sohag Mia