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Best Newsletter Plugins for WordPress Website

newsletter plugins for wordpress

Best Newsletter Plugins for WordPress Website

Looking for some dynamic featured newsletter plugin for WordPress website? They are quite significant as they help in presenting a part of your brand directly to users via newsletters. So you have to choose the best of the lot. Look no further because the best web development company in India has shortlisted the best newsletter plugins for WordPress for you. Here they are:


This newspaper plugin is surely amongst the most popular plugins for the newsletter on WordPress. The previous version of this plugin wasn’t that noteworthy but the new version surely has a lot stored and is gradually gaining quite a recognition. There are many features that make this newsletter plugin a total standout amongst different newsletter plugin. For instance, the feature of smart subscriber recognition which is only displayed to new subscribers is quite a smart move. You can hire the best web development company in India for their professional assistance on this plugin installation.


This is one of the many plugins of WordPress that have gained quite fame for their rich features. This plugin is notable as it helps the users in collecting emails and eventually helps in growing the mailing list. Thanks to this plug-in, the users can actually keep a store of the emails of the visitors. Every now and then, when a user registers him to your site, you can automatically add him to the list.

Not only that the plugin also has features that will help the users in tracking with advanced stats of who is opening the emails.

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This is one of the leading newsletters plug-in for WordPress which is popular for its dynamic features. It is suitable for both business sites as well as personal sites as it helps in attaining emails, subscribers and helps in marketing and other newsletter components as well.

It features some of the most beautifully designed templates by professionals which are completely customizable as well to include so as sending your subscribers an attractive newsletter. Moreover, the users can design the template on their own or can even purchase it to add it to the plug-in.

The plugins are also topping our charts as it helps you in getting better results and to even track the same. It will give you the complete information about the subscriber growth, about the email sent, any unsubscribe or even bounces. Moreover, all this information is presented in chart form to easily be comprehended by users. You can easily hire the professional assistance of the best web design company in India in respect to this plugin installation.

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This is yet another plugin that is quite popular on WordPress owing to its beautifully designed templates. The plugin offers six different types of pop-up forms which are:




Below content

In-line with content

Content lockers

One of the notable features of the bloom is the business houses can actually get the detailed stats of their most favorable of converting pages. The display of the opt-in forms can be tweaked as well with the myriad of design options that totally influence their control. Not only that the plug-in has a powerful feature that will enable the users to control the display of the opt-in form.

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