Wednesday, May 25, 2022

How Appium can be used in test automation? Free Native Apps...

Primarily used for automating native apps, Appium is also used for mobile web and hybrid application on iOS mobile, Android or Windows desktop platforms....

How to create audiobook at home? Step by Step Process

Let us look into some of the tips for creating an audiobook at home- Create an account with ACX-ACX is actually part of, an...
Social Networking Sites You Need to Know About in 2018

How to Win at Instagram with dashboard and stories

Instagram is being evolved as one of the highly significant social channels, standing out among other social platforms talking about engagement and time spent....

5 Easy Ways to Collect Email Addresses on Instagram

To promote your business and to compete with the market you definitively need to generate new leads. To serve this purpose you can use...

Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap 3 vs 4 Explained in 11 Points

Bootstrap was born in 2010 as a project inside the social Twitter. Given its strong effectiveness and its simple and intuitive use it was...
Google Sheets for Business

The Best Way to Use Google Sheets for Business

There seems to be an app for every function in business, but one that should not miss from your list is Google Sheets. The...
Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool 2021

Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool: Today, organizations around the world are struggling to adapt to cybersecurity issues. The risk of cyber-attacks is genuine for...
Top 5 Best Discord bot

Top 6 Best Discord Bots 2021 | Best Bots for Discord

Discord is a superb messaging and digital distribution platform. There you can do lots of things. Discord mainly used by gamers. Gamers use it...
Instagram Video Download Methods

Instagram Video Download Methods

Instagram video download option is not available on both Android and iOS devices. We need to use video download sites and apps that allow...
How to Find People's Email Addresses

How to Find People’s Email Addresses

Different Types of Marketing Techniques For Small Businesses Marketing techniques are instrumental for businesses to promote their services and their brand. From social media...
save on a home's energy

How to Save on a Home’s Energy Costs

Power is an essential element that lights up your home, appliances, and other components. Since you need to use electricity each day and probably...
Advantages and Drawbacks of VPN

Advantages and Drawbacks of VPN Service Users Must Know

VPN services have been around protecting the identity of the users for decades now. We all have used it at least once in our...

8 Free WordPress Themes for Actors in 2021

8 Free WordPress Themes for Actors Acting requires a lot of talent, skill, luck, and reach. If you don't know anyone in the industry and...
Top Mobile Antivirus

Top 5 Mobile antivirus you should try in 2021

In this technical era, one must be concerned about the security and privacy of their devices. The best way to keep your data and...
Change primary domain in cpanel

How to Change Primary Domain in cPanel Account (Quick-Step) 2021

In this, we explore the possible ways for you that can help to change the primary domain in cPanel. Nowadays, All very cheap price...

How to Protect Your Personal Data on The Internet 2021

We are living in an era in which technology and the internet have become an important part of our life. We do most of...
Smartphone Apps

Five Categories of Smartphone Apps That Brought Ease to Human Life

Mobile applications have truly brought so much ease to human lives, and with the advancements that are going in the mobile development industries around...

What is Mobile Phone Sensor? Know A to Z

We use all mobile phones, and when checking the configuration of any mobile on the internet, it is told by the phone company that...