Change primary domain in cpanel

In this, we explore the possible ways for you that can help to change the primary domain in cPanel. Nowadays, All very cheap price hosting companies provide cPanel accounts to clients as part of their hosting package.

A cPanel is very easy to use, has two interfaces such as a user interface named cPanel, and second is a server management interface named Web Host Manager (WHM).

The procedure of changing an existing domain name on your server is a task that most users ignore. Luckily, there is a list of tools offered by cPanel that make this process easy.

Everything You Need To Know About cPanel

Even the C-Panel will appear differently based upon your server. This really is on account of the host advertising and also the way in which that provider chose to arrange cPanel. Thus, clients [e.g. DomainRacer clients] will observe various facets in comparison to people using web hosting.

The most important cPanel segments and capabilities keep on being precisely exactly the same over most servers with it.

cPanel is also now basically Linux hosting that comprises the setup of cPanel. C-Panel includes its own advantages and disadvantages, however, it also functions pretty much in most scenarios and manufacturers to get a practical selection once you are searching to get a controller panel remedy.

Alternatives to cPanel

Now, there are hundreds and hundreds of options to cPanel out there, also mainly simply due to the fact just about each and every single web hosting provider differs, you are going to have to consult each possible server to acquire an idea about exactly what controller panel providers they are making use of.

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Only at DomainRacer, now we’ve formulated our personal habit control-panel, which can be found with hosting ideas. It stocks a couple of similarities together using C-Panel and lets us be flexible whilst adapting towards the requirements of the clients.

Top-quality and business plans come with a completely complimentary domain, together with lots of different attributes, delivering you with the substances to print a site online with one order. We give you an in-depth review for finding the best inexpensive VPS server provider for your site.

Eventually, it will not matter if you utilize C-Panel or another, provided that you are in a position to reach exactly what you would like. You should like your controller panel to do something special then double-check the supplier.

Change the Primary Domain in cPanel Account

 A cPanel is one of the most popular control panels. If you want to change the primary domain in a cPanel account, this can be done quickly from your WHM account. Follow the given steps accurately:

  1. First, log in to WHM account –
  2. Select ‘list accounts’ under the account information section.
  3. Search for the cPanel account and select the + on the left of the account record to open your account-keeping options.
  4. Go to the ‘Modify Account‘ section. You can do many changes in the modify account section that include the cPanel username, cPanel features, parked domains, bandwidth values, and many more.
  5. On the next page, you can easily change the primary domain to the new domain name.

In some instances, you will have the new domain setup as a parked domain in the cPanel account. If this is the case, then follow the below steps to remove the old parked domain:

  1. Access your WHM account then select the ‘list accounts’ option under which you will see the account information field.
  2. Then search and open the cPanel account then navigate to ‘add on domains’.
  3. Below the bottom heading, you will see Modify Addon Domain field, click on the ‘remove’ button to delete your add-on domain.
  4.  The first read the instructions to change the primary domain name then Add Old Domain to cPanel account as an add-on domain.
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Hope you follow all these steps accurately to change the primary domain name in the cPanel account. There is some information that helps to create your website back up the existing hosting account.

Back-Up the Existing Hosting Account

In case a website data loss or your hard drive failure happens then additional backups will help you to restore your website. So, always create a backup website before updating a cPanel account.

 There are two methods to generating website backups: you can download one backup file of your entire account that includes all files and databases. And another is you can download backups of these files separately.

1] Creating a Full Backup of cPanel Account

Backing up your website is a very significant step. So, create a website backup before making any changes to your cPanel account.

  1. Let’s start the process of backing up the existing low-cost VPS hosting account. First, log in to your cPanel account interface and click on the cPanel Backup wizard.
  2. Then go to the Backups section. Now, a new page will open where you need to click the Download a Full Website Backup option.
  3. Usually, the Home directory is the best option to store your website backup. Enter your email address. You will receive one notification when the backup is complete.  Select Generate Backup once all is completed.
  4. Once the website backup process is complete, log in to your cPanel account then download the backup file to your computer storage.

NOTE: The backup process may take longer or up to 30 minutes, depending on the size of your website.

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(Once a backup generates, you will get an email with the link to download your backup. Also, it is available in the cPanel account in the Full Backup section.)

2] Creating a Partial Backup of Website

You can download website backup files individually, which include files, MySQL database, backup home directory, or your email forwarders & filters.

  1. First, locate to your cPanel dashboard and click on the Backup Manager under you will see the Files sub-header: click on cPanel Backup Wizard option>> Back Up.
  2. On the next page of the right side, you can download any backup file with just one click (Home DirectoryMySQL Databases, or Email Forwarders & Filters).
  3. Backup Home Directory: Click on the Home Directory and save the zipped file on your computer. (Backup of all files in your home folder that includes the public_html directory).
  4. And download the other backup files such as MySQL Database and Email Forwarders & Filters to your computer storage.

Pros of cPanel

  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to use
  • Saves time and money
  • Includes software auto-installers

Cons of cPanel

  • Relatively easy to accidentally change important settings
  • Some hosts run outdated software
  • Can cost more and is rarely offered with free hosting


From this point of view, you should discover it is easy to update and change a primary domain in cPanel. Providentially, there is a list of tools offered by cPanel that make this process easy.

First, download your website backup then process to change the primary domain in cPanel account. You can download website backup in two ways such as full website backup and partial website backup.

I hope, this article is helpful. Now you know how to change a primary domain in a cPanel dashboard. So, follow all the steps correctly.