Before telling you about the top Best Windproof lighter, I would like to ask you a question “How many of you know that Windproof lighter does exist”? I know there are many people out there who want to have windproof lighters.  There are a lot of people who do smoke and face problems of not able to light up the Cigarette on windy days.

What is a Windproof lighter?

The difference between the windproof lighters and normal lighters is how they ignite the flames. Normal type of lighters, including naphtha and butane, provides a continuous flow of flame until they are forced to cut the gas either by closing the top or by releasing the valve, whereas the windproof ones, ignite flames by just passing the mix created by butane and air through a coil which is the catalyst in nature.

What is the crucial thing you need to consider when choosing Windproof lighter?

When you go buying a plasma lighter, you need to consider following things that are listed below:-

  1. Types of lighter
  2. The capacity of fuel of the lighter
  3. The reliability of the lighter
  4. Lighter offers the water resistance feature or not.
  5. The weight of the lighter.
  6. And the last important thing is hands-free lighting.

List of Top 5 Waterproof lighter

  1. Xikar Stratosphere- If you want to buy a waterproof lighter, then Xikar is one of the best lighter to get. Xikar introduced the Stratosphere II that has high altitude Windproof flame, durable and dependable.


  1. Spring Assisted Protective Lid
  2. High Altitude Windproof flame
  3. Quick Thumb Action Ignition
  4. Durable Composite Body
  5. Large Fuel Gauge
  6. Reinforced Lanyard
  7. Easy Adjustment Wheel
  8. Water Resistance
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Pricing- The price of Xikar Stratosphere II lighter is $22.99, available on Amazon.

Reviews Ratings- 3.7 out five stars


* Lifetime Warranty

* The lighter has a windproof flame.

* Safe for use.

* It is durable.

* You can carry it anywhere in your pocket.


* No O-ring for the lighter

* The lighter has a plastic finish on it.

  1. UST Trekker Stormproof Lighter- the Trekker Stormproof lighter is the lighter that you can choose for windy days. It comes with the high-performance butane lighter with a catalyzer loop that provides the ultimate windproof spark.


  1. It is Lightweight and one of the best options when you go camping, and hunting trips, backpacking.
  2. It is based on Piezo-electric ignition that offers easy one-handed operation.
  3. The UST Trekker lights up to 30,000 times ignitions without batteries or quartz.
  4. It comes with the Rubberized case that enables us for the comfortable grip and includes wrist lanyard.

5 The Fuel Capacity of it is 0.14 fl. oz. (4.1mL).

Pricing- The lowest price of UST Trekker Windstorm lighter is $43.54, available on Amazon.



* It is high-quality.

* Easy to store.

* Waterproof


* 2-year Limited Warranty.

* Unable to work at 40F degree.

* The lighter is not reliable in high altitudes

  1. Scorch Torch Olympus Cigar Lighter- Especially for smokers, a classy slim appearance lighter is created that is Olympus Cigar Lighter. It comes with torch, a punch cutter and it weighs approximately 5 ounces. Scorch Torch Olympus is made out of Butane fuel types, and it is exchanged individually.


  1. It is Easy as well as safe to use
  2. It is Adjustable that helps to control the Flame.
  3. Butane Refillable
  4. 1 Year Hassle Free Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
  5. This Product is Butane Free.
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Pricing- The price of the Scorch Torch Olympus Triple Jet lighter is $13.99, available on Amazon.



  1. 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.
  2. Available in multi colors
  3. Easy to store and use.


  1. Warranty period is limited.
  2. No O-Ring for the lighter.


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