When the sun is out, most events are organized outdoors where participants can enjoy the good weather, from sports events, to festivals, and concerts. All of these will need deployment of WiFi network that attendees and guests can connect to.

If you are a provider of WiFi solution, a marketing agency, or an event organizer, you should know by now that for customers that attend outdoor events, WiFi is a form of necessary service. They need and want WiFi for sharing contents on their social media profiles, getting in touch with friends if there is weak mobile signal, finding details regarding the event, and others. WiFi is crucial for tourists that attend such events on purpose.

As far as marketing is concerned, providing WiFi for free during outdoor events is one of the best sources of lead and is also an ideal way for getting higher visibility.

As far as technicalities are concerned, the deployment of WLAN for such events that expect to be attended by big crowds calls for some experience.

There are several things you should pay attention to.

Bandwidth Requirements

Being aware of your bandwidth needs is crucial to offer users with a great WiFi experience. Too low bandwidth means slow connection, and this can have a negative impact on the network performance. You can avoid such situation by considering the requirements of the applications in terms of throughput and bandwidth. Imagine the use of the WiFi network, whether it is for web browsing, live streaming, and others.

Number of Simultaneous Users

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It is not possible to calculate the exact number of people who will use WiFi network during outdoor events such as festivals. Also, there are people who have WiFi connection but they don’t use it effectively.

Pick the Right Hardware

Finally, select the access points suitable for the environment, and for this, these are outdoor access points. If there are more wireless devices, the signal and coverage will also be better. Consider possible interferences and determine the ideal spots for positioning your access points.

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