Download Audio From Tumblr: First of all, thanks for landing this article, Are you looking for Download Audio From Tumblr then we have provided many ways to How To Download Audio From Tumblr Easily. In this article, we are list five methods by means of which you can get without difficulty download songs (audio) in addition to videos from Tumblr.

By way of default, you cannot download any audio files on Tumblr; howeverthere are so many properly songs to be hand and posted by using the users that you don’t recognize the however need to download Audio From Tumblr so follow the below steps.

Download Audio From Tumblr Easily

There are many users who want to Download Audio From Tumblr. We have provided 5 steps to Download Audio From Tumblr which are very smooth. Download audio or songs from Tumblr blogs and maintain them for offline playback. No browser add-ons, plugins, or unique software are needed in some of the methods.

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About Tumbler

Tumblr is an excellent choice for people who want to post small articles or multimedia files from their mobile phones. Those people who don’t want to write large content material and don’t want huge blogs prefer Tumblr for his or their small content because of its excessive reputation and more extensive network than the maximum of other microblogging sites. The carrier permits users to submit multimedia and different content to a quickform weblog.

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You could usually find outpretty lot about diverting authentic audio/music on Tumblr. What a pity that Tumblr does no longer feature downloading audio, this is why you need to examine this tutorial on How To Download Audio From Tumblr Easily.

How To Download Audio From Tumblr Easily

It will be perfect if you know a way to download audio from Tumblr because it’s an excellent place to entertain ourselves with so much music. The usage of an extension, inclusive of TumTaster for Chrome, allows you to download the documents from your net browser and keep them on a neighborhood laptop. Tumblr video downloader online – download Tumblrvideo helps you to convert and download Tumblr to MP4 and MP3 at no cost!

1) Download Audio From Tumblr through Xkit Extension:

Xkit Is A Set Of Tools For Tumblr, Designed To Make  Blogging Much Easier And Fun.

To download any song or video from Tumblr with the help of Xkit Extension follow these steps:-

1) First Of All, Download & Install Xkit Extension on your Browser.

2) After Installing XKit Extension Just Restart Your browser.

3) Now Launch the Xkit extension on the top of your Tumblr blog & Select Get Extensions.

4) Just Scroll Down Until You Saw “Audio Downloader Extension.”

5) Download Audio Downloader Extension In Your Browser & Refresh the Extension Dashboard.

6) Now Open any MP3-Audio post & the Download icon appears at the end of the posts along with other settings.

7) Just Press the Download icon and Click Download if you want to Download The Song.

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2) Download Audio From Tumblr through Tumbloader App:

This is an android app through which a Tumblr user can easily download songs and movies by using certainly sharing the songs from the legit Tumblr app to this application.

To download any music or video from Tumblr with the help of Tumbloader comply with these steps:-

1) First Of All, Download the Tumbloader App From Here.

2) Now Open Tumblr app & Scroll Down To The Audio Or Video Which You Want To Download

3) Click on the share/send button below the media content (photo/video/audio)

4) Wait for information to be loaded, click on the Download button.

 3) Download Audio From Tumblr through Inspect The Page For URL:

1) Just Open Any Browser Like { Chrome } & Visit Tumblr Page With Audio You Want To Download.

2) Now Press the F12 key on your keyboard To Open Developer Console Window & transfer to the community tab.

3) Play the video or audio you need to download for a couple of seconds. Then pause it once more. In the filter bar, kind mp3 if you are downloading audio and mp4 if you are downloading a video.

4) Double-click at the name of the documents seemed with kind media.

5switch to the newly opened tab, and properly click on the audio player and select keep the video as (Chrome) or Save Audio As (Firefox). The Audio will be downloaded for offline use.

4. Use TumTaster Extension

Makes download links for MP3s on the Tumblr dashboard. Also keeps a playlist of tracks that you’ve seen. Tumblr changed the audio player from audio_player_container to native-audio-container

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This extension only supports Tumblr so you gained’t be able to download the video posts that are shared from other video streaming sites. This extension will offer you a download button, and you could download the Tumblr video immediately then convert it to an audio report. On this element, we’ll introduce the way to download films from Tumblr with the help of this Chrome extension.

  1. Visit here to add the Extension
  2. Click on add to chrome
  3. After that open the File you want to Download Audio From Tumblr
  4. Click on The TumTaster Icon to Download Audio From Tumblr.

5. Download Audio from Tumblr Videos with Online Downloader

Download Audio From Tumblr Easily using online Downloader website. This website is easy to use and generates download links for the entire weblog collectively in just one click on, and it permits you to download Tumblr audio files to MP3 quickly. Observe the below steps to download Audio From Tumblr without problems.

  1. Visit the Tumbler website and browse for the video/audio which you want to download.
  2. Right-click on it and copy the video/audio URL
  3. Now Visit here for Online video Downloader Website
  1. Paste the Copied URL in the Box
  2. After that, click on the “Download MP3” button to download audio from Tumblr.
  3. Now this online downloader will start downloading Tumblr audio files in accordance with the URL you’ve pasted.
  4. Please choose the one you need and click on the “Download MP3” button.

6. download videos from Tumblr to iPhone using Tumblr

Tumblr may sound a bit strange to you, but it’s the name of the free app on the App Store that lets in you to store Tumblr motion pictures immediately in your camera Roll.

After you’ve mounted Tumblr to your toollaunch the app, and now you may see a brand new download button underneath each video that looks for your Tumblr feed.

Simply faucet at the download button and Tumblr will begin downloading the video right away. Once the video is downloaded, Tyblr will ask for permission to access Camera Roll. Tap “Allow” to save the video to Camera Roll