In the latest race of smart speakers, Google has entered with its latest model, Google Home, costing ₹9,999. It’s simple and innovative design will be competing with echo launched by Amazon. The speaker has Google Assistant’s powers and can respond to all kinds of questions and commands, it can search and play music and movies and anything from television, can connect to other smart home devices and can tell jokes to keep you amused. Let’s see in a detail, how Google Home has been designed and what features are in store. You can choose to buy Google Home via Amazon offers available to give best rates today.

Design –

With an inconspicuous and minimalistic design, the top half of Google Home is made up of plastic and the bottom half has a removable mesh panel that is covered with fabric. The only color available is white but as the bottom half can be removed, it adds to its personality. The design is cylindrical and can be easily mistaken for an air freshener or a lamp. In comparison to Amazon Echo’s cold design, Google Home is quite compact and gives a premium look. The mini version of Google Home will be having a USB port for power bank charging and the regular bigger version will be having a main power adapter plugged in with it for it is meant to be stationary.

The top of Google Home smart Speaker slopes at an angle and is designed such that it hides a touch panel that has pause and volume controls. It also has LED lights that light up just like tiny colorful google dots. The back has a physical button that disables microphones.

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Performance –

The setup is very simple and convenient and just need a good Wi-Fi connection. Google Home App recognizes the device in an instant after a few steps. It has three far field microphones to detect sounds from all over the room. It can be used as an encyclopedia, DJ, meteorologist, game show host and a planner. You can ask Google Home anything, from weather to the directions to the best restaurants in town. Set alarms and reminders, create your shopping lists, ask any facts and let Google Home help you in every way possible. It’s all far easier than doing all this on your smartphone with your hands. Though it’s difficult to expand a search, like a movie or a restaurant search, which is still easier if you open your Zomato or book my show.

The three main areas where Google Home is incomparable are the recipes, playing music and listening to news. It can give very convenient step by step directions to any recipe that you ask. It will repeat any ingredient that you missed. Sometimes, the measurements given were in ounces which might be a trouble for Indians to interpret.

You can listen news in the morning from channels like BBC, Forbes, Al-Jazeera etc. In case of music, you can play on Google play music or saavn or gaana and it very efficiently recognizes Hindi artists. You can enquire about your queries in the Google Home app. Whenever directions to a place are asked, they get opened in Google maps in your phone. Search results you asked for also get displayed in the app.

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Amazon’s Alexa and Siri by Apple lack the contextual understanding, which has been provided in Google Home. It means, if you ask ‘Who is the coach?’ after it referred any game team, it will remember and tell you and can answer any further questions as well, like ‘How old is he?’.

Echo can be used to book cabs and hotels, but this feature lacks in Google Home. Moreover, another feature by Google Home is its sync with Philips Hue ecosystem, where you can turn lights on using audio command. It can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker and its actually quite loud for its size!

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As a game host –

It has two inbuilt multi player games – crystal ball and lucky trivia. More are promised for future. The games are a great timepass when friends get together or for children. You can explore ordering best online games with available Flipkart Sale for electronic category.

Conclusion –

If you’re looking for good sound quality, prefer buying JBL speakers that come in similar rate. But Google Home will make your home very convenient and futuristic.