Google Introduces site kit WordPress plugin for the website
Google Introduces site kit WordPress plugin for the website

Google recently introduced a new plugin for wordpress that will gain massive support from wordpress developer and website owners. Google product i.e. Google site kit that integrates Google analytics, Google search console, Google site speed insight and AdSense. These tools will helpful for the wordpress developers and SEO experts’ team.

According to WordPress analytics, around 60% websites using WordPress platform in content management system and 32% of all website over the internet. These Google tool (beta) integrates in wordpress setup that will provide instant and useful information about the website under an umbrella WordPress platform.

Google initial launched beta version of the tool and Google is planning to collect the data of users for research and feedback about the product. If you are using the wordpress content management system that you found the website analytics tools that will be useful for the digital marketing companies and the website builders. If you install the plugin into your wordpress coms plugin can track the all information for the website. We discuss the integrated tools into the website.

Google search Console:

Google search console tool will render and make analytics to your pages of websites. Users need not track the Google search console from apart. This tool makes sure the tracking website content and pages.

Google Analytics:

Google analytics will confirm the tracking records and navigate the conversion rate of the website. Analytics will help the render the goals and funnels of the websites.

Page Speed Insight:

This site speed tools powered by the Google will track the website speed to optimize the content running site rapidly. This in-built option helps the tracking speed by the Google.

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Page speed insight will count the loading speed of the website and suggest the minification the code like that.


AdSenseis the measure Google productwhich help the running the ads over the website that inbuilt site kit wordpress plugin  which consider  the traffic over your website and this in built system will available under the one integrated plugin it will track the all information about the advertisement over the Google.

 Set up of the Site Kit plugin in WordPress:

Few simple steps process to connecting and authenticating site kit with the wordpress platformto integrate withvarious tool of Google with statistics of each page of website and blogs.

Initially connecting the Google account the plugin and show the statistics of the web pagesof the website.

Go with the few clicks for the and covered with completed the all steps connect with Google account

This will show the total impression, click, and click through rates for connecting the Google account.

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Site Kit will applicable to beta testers in early 2019. The beta version will applicable under the sometime after then site linked with Google account! If you’re willing to provide early feedback to help us build a great experience for WordPress as if Google now.


Google launched the phenomenal product for the wordpress users and Digital marketers to helping the tracking the all Google tracking product under the roof. We can analysis the all the track records which integrates in the wordpress plugin.

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