Hi-Tech Designed Gadgets for Kids

Are you one of those parents experiencing sleepless nights because your child cannot be dissuaded from using the smartphone? In that case, you can be assured that you are not alone; there are thousands of paranoid parents who are worried that their kids are wasting too much time playing online on phones and tablets. So, what is the right high-tech gadget for your kid? Are there exciting gadgets that can make this hobby more educational and inspiring?

The solution is instead of trying to take technology away from them forcefully, it is best to invest in smart gadgets which cannot only hone their programming skills but also offer them a safe environment for play, discovery, and growth. You can get these for discounted prices when you have a Sunsky coupon with you. There is an impressive collection of smart gadgets and intelligence toys at Sunsky.com, which help children pick up new problem-solving skills and enjoy dabbling with technology.

Hi-Tech Gadgets for Kids:

  1. Ubooly: This is a unique toy which teaches you, child, to be responsible and helps them to become self-confident. It is the perfect alternative to a real pet, which may be hard to maintain at home and may even cause allergies in your kids. This robotic pet is highly attentive and can even narrate bedtime stories and crack jokes with you. The gadget can be suitably customized through an app and is compatible with both Android and iPhone platforms.
  2.  Sphero 2.0: Orbotix has come out with a ball that is phone-controlled. This is supported by augmented reality, and you can replace this ball with any character like a cartoon ad send commands. So, this gadget shows your child how to control a sophisticated robot using only a mobile phone. Besides this feature, the gadget can teach mathematics and programming lessons to your kid, making it far more fun and interesting than a classroom lecture.
  3. Primo: This gadget will enable your child to learn how to program before they can actually read. There are three key elements, namely an interface for instructions, a robot Cubetto, and instruction manuals on how the robot will move. Your kid will have to place blocks in the correct order and send commands to Cubetto to navigate obstacles in front. So, even when your child may not have any knowledge of how algorithms work, this simple gadget can offer him a head-start in programming logic.
  4. Nabi2: This tab is specifically designed for kids and is made from food-grade silicone. This ensures that your child may gnaw on it and not fall sick. The tablet is protected with bumper to prevent damage from sudden drops or accidental bumps. The interface works fast, and the icons are very large for the kids to identify. This gadget is built for learning, and it has parental controls. It has been designed to help the chart to draw and read, for playing games and even photo editing.
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids 7.0: This tab offers a safe learning environment for your little one. Unlike other gadgets which children should not be encouraged to play with for long hours, this allows parents to set time-periods for play for their kids. The parents can also decide which apps the kids can access as there are options like safe kid’s mode and password restrictions. The device has frontal and back cameras and expandable memory.
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These are some of the interesting devices which are hi-tech in design and meant for giving children a safe medium to learn from and play with. They can learn in a more relaxed atmosphere, free from the pressure of the classroom. Most of these gadgets have an intuitive display and are designed to foster smooth interaction. You can get these for much lower prices when you find coupons on Don’tPayAll.