Apart from the epic heritage of innovative products, there is an equally fascinating history of corporate identity. The firstly Apple logo was designed by Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne in 1976, in which Isaac Newton was sitting under an apple tree. It was inspired by Wordsworth, which was also written in the logo, in which it was said: “Newton … a mind always excited” through the strange oceans of ideas, a ribbon banner with the Apple Computer Company Picture Frame Jewelry on.

Apple logo

It was a good start, but Steve was not 100% confident at the end, so in 1977, he commissioned designer Rob Jahnoff to focus more on Apple. Genoff was not disappointing, which we know while providing a reputable logo, despite another colorful version called “Rainbow Apple”, which was with a bold and modern font. This was done to separate the light (color) by the invention of gravity (apple) and Isaac Newton and possibly in the story of Adam and Eve to pay homage to ‘the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Even the word ‘Mcintosh’ is a special kind of apple that Steve Jobs was fond of. When she was practically out of apples, stay in the form of a frugivore.

The logo was not only stuck but at that time the designers provoked further speculation for its meaning. Some people believed that the rainbow colorful apple logo was used to advertise the color potential of Apple Computer II. Like the other Sadie Plant, author of Zero and Ones, the apple logo considers modern computing father Alan Turing as a tribute to those who were persecuted for homosexuality and committed suicide by eating cyanide-leaved apples.

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Since then, the people have tolerated small iterations in the last few years. Landor Associates removed the word in favor of the icon in 1984. Later in 1998 it will take a black look, after that the more polished 3D version and finally the flat/white or gray version we see.

Speculation is not closed though Apart from symbolizing the logo, some designers have analyzed the design of the people in terms of design. Probably one of the more interesting studies is that the graphics designer has been done by Theiago Barcelos, which applied the Fibonacci sequence, or golden ratio as the underlying structure of the logo. His work, despite the famous pace of innovation, has been shown to be one of the more vulgar reasons for keeping Apple’s brand tested. On the food apple blog, people made a little joke with this idea, making a joke about what the current Apple product might look like with the old rainbow logo.

It is unbelievable how far the apple has come from its humble beginnings about 40 years ago. Today some companies enjoy apple enthusiasts Apple, and it is clear that their visual power plays a big role in their success because they are known for cranking as industry-transfer technology. It only hits the importance of motivated marketing and presentation at home. Create the right brand and they will come.