The major revolution of existing world is digitalization. This has impacted almost all areas of the world. Travel sector is one of the examples for the same. In this digital world everyone looking for more and more advancement every day. The survival chances of a company get lesser if haven’t shows their online presence. The competitiveness of every company depends on their efforts made online.

The travel portal development is one of those efforts. Portal development organizations offer different travel technologies which make their client appealing for end users. The various travel technology solutions include GDS API integration, CMS, and Hotel extranet system, etc.

This is the task of a portal development organization to develop outstanding solutions for businesses to indulge in the travel sector. The travel agents can offer special deals in hotel booking, flight ticket, bus, cab, train tickets, and tour combos, etc.

The B2B travel portal development company perfectly represent the significance of travel technology and how it brought changes as well. The continuous service ultimately helps in continuous revenue generation.The extreme digitalization forced companies to maintain their huge data in a larger database.

This has given birth to online theft of data.To remove this hurdle a new thing is developed named as hotel extranet system. This is also known as Hotel CRS. The Hotel Extranet is an outstanding solution which maintains competitiveness in the market. It ensures a single point solution for the availability of excellent charges, business charges, and enhanced purchase charges, etc.

How A Extranet System Actually Works?

Every travel business to connect with end number of best hotels. Hotel extranet system enables them to link straightaway to the preferred hotel’s channel managers. The purpose of linking is to get price quotes from different hotels. This makes the end user choose the best accommodation in terms of affordability and other requirements.

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This extranet system uses the login id and password criteria to insert information. A complete travel portal development work includes hotel extranet integration into the system. The authorized access facility removes the chances of theft and improves data accountability. The contracted hotels can upload their property pictures, prices, and virtual tour video into the system. The benefits of hotel extranet do not end here. It also removes the work pressure on the staff engaged in the travel industry.

The hotel extranet system has an option for everything. A person from the hotel industry can modify their data on a real-time basis. It may add or remove the number of properties added to the system. The travel companies ultimately get the best price quotes from the hoteliers to offer their end user.

Main Aptitude

  • One and only digital system
  • Hotel extranet can be merged into B2B and B2C dissemination interface.
  • Get associated with hotels through their channel managers which help in receiving different price quotes.
  • An exceptional way to insert your charges.
  • Allow hotels to manage their data and update information on time.
  • Applied to Property: hotels, villas, resorts, apartments, etc.
  • Property information: details, images, amenities, room category, meal varieties, terms and conditions
  • Vacancy administration
  • Reversal policies, additional bed policies, and kids policies
  • Exclusive deals management
  • Booking Management
  • An additional plan
  • Produce automatic email statements to hotels for charges; enable hotels to observe and download statements for charges.
  • Supports multiple languages and different currencies.