We are living in an era in which technology and the internet have become an important part of our life. We do most of our work with the help of the internet. We do most of our work with the help of the internet, then whether it is studying, entertainment or any official work. Our life is incomplete without the internet. The Internet and technology have made our life a lot.

But, is the Internet completely safe for us?

Well, nothing is ever perfect.  In exactly the same way, along with the benefits of the Internet, it also has its own disadvantages. Along with the use of the internet, cybercrime has also increased rapidly, to avoid which many cybersecurity systems have also been developed.

In today’s era, the biggest problem on the Internet is stealing our personal data and misusing it. In such a situation, if we take some precautions, then to a large extent we can save ourselves from these losses. Here we have given some such methods, keeping in mind that we can protect ourselves and our personal data.

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1.  Password Management-

Password Management

We should smartly use a password on the internet. Never create a password that can be easily guessed like- yourname@123, 123456, your birthday, your name or your phone number. You should never share your password with anyone and never store your password on cloud storage. And, also never write down your password on a paper. You should always keep updating your password regularly.

2.  Social media sharing-

All of us like to share things on social media sites. But, when you share any data on social media make sure who can see it and who can not. Along with this, never share your private data on social media sites. We should keep updating the privacy settings of social media sites regularly.  Along with this, we should not send any personal data to any stranger through messages.

3.  Don’t create too many account online-

When we use the Internet, it is common to create an account on a website. But we do not know which website is worth trusting and which is not. There are many websites on the Internet on which our data goes to them by creating an account. After that, they can also misuse it. So, we should not create too many accounts or unnecessary accounts on the internet.

4.  Never install unknown software or applications-

We should never install any software from an unknown publisher or source. Nowadays it is very easy to access the data of apps and software phones. When you install any application or any software, you are asked for permission to access your device’s data. When you give permission to access the data, then the application sends the data of your device to its server. In this way, your data reaches its admin and he can use it as he wants.

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5. Never click on unknown links-

Email spamming is a big problem in today’s era. Nowadays people send phishing links via emails or messages. Our phone or computer can be easily hacked by clicking on the fishing links in it. We also should not open any email from unknown peoples.

6. Keep personal info on a secure place-

Protect Personal Data Internet

Nowadays using cloud storage has become a common practice. We always keep synchronization in our phone always on, so that all our data is automatically uploaded to the cloud. In such a situation, we need to keep our data in a secure place. We should keep our data either on offline storage or keep our cloud storage account quite secure.

7. Be careful about using WiFi-

Who does not like free stuff? In such a situation, we never give up using free WiFi. But we should be careful while using free wifi because someone can hack your network and device easily through wifi. We should only use Trusted WiFi signals.

8. Never put your data on untrusted website-

Nowadays, if you visit any website, you will definitely be asked to fill your data on it. Websites use this data to pitch you and send them to your site. Some websites also ask for such data with the help of which they do market research. But we do not know which website will use our data correctly and which will use it incorrectly. In such a situation, to avoid misuse of our data, we should not put any of our data on an untrusted website.

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9.  Use two-factor authentication for your accounts-

Nowadays all good websites offer two-factor authentication. This is a method in which after entering your username and password, another security check is done. In this, an OTP is sent to your registered phone number or email. When you put that OTP on that website, then only you can log in successfully. Some websites use many other types of two-factor authentication methods. You must use it to secure your account.

10. Be careful when using public PC or internet cafe-

We all use public PCs occasionally. In such a situation, we need to be very careful. Whenever we use a public PC, we should use private mode in the browser. Using private mode does not save our history or any login details. But if we are not using the private mode, whenever we log in to an account, we should never forget to logout. While using public PC, we should never save payment information or login details on that PC’s browser.

11. Stay Aware while downloading files from the internet-

Whenever we download any files from the internet, we should be very careful. Nowadays, many people upload various types of viruses on the website. And when we accidentally download that file in our device, people can access our data with the help of that virus. In such a situation, we should never download any file from unreliable websites.

12. Be careful while logging in with social sites-

Nowadays, many websites provide the facility to log in through social sites like Facebook and google. When we login with the help of these sites, all our data gets transferred to that third-party website. In such a situation, while giving access to any third-party website, it must be checked whether the website is trustworthy or not. And, we should also check what data the third-party website is accessing.

Wrapping Up-

These were some important tips that you should follow in your daily life. Apart from this, if you know any other useful tips, then you can share them in the comment box.

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