Do you want to track any android mobile connected to the digital world? Well! You can monitor any cellphone device at any point in time unless you have the best android spy app to read text messages, chat conversations, call logs, screenshots, keystrokes, and IM. Moreover, you can spy on GPS location, passwords, browsing history, and listen to the android surroundings. Now a question arises about android tracking software.

android spy app

What is an android spying app?

It is one of the best spy apps for android. It works on the target device secretly and lets you know every activity that happens in the digital world. You can install it on someone’s cell phone device secretly and further track phone calls, browsing history, chats messages, social messaging apps, location tracking, and many more.

Top 5 things that users need to know about android spy

  • It is a hidden spy application
  • It remains undetectable
  • It is a non-rooted application
  • It is easy to use and install on the target phone
  • Best for parental control on android
  • Exceptional in employee monitoring services

How android spy monitor any cellphone device?

You can install it on someone’s cellphone device and further access the dashboard. You can monitor every activity using its powerful and dynamic features. You need to cover the following steps to track any mobile device running with android operating systems. Let’s take a look at the following valuable steps that every user needs to know.

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Step1: Subscribe to android spy software

You can go to the website of TheOneSpy, and you need to have the license for android to track and monitor cellphone devices to the fullest. Therefore, get the subscription, and you will receive an email from the customer support center. You need to log in to your email and get a password and ID.

Step2: Get physical access to the target device

Get the target mobile phone into your hands for a while and get started with the installation process. You can complete the installation process and activate the cell phone spying software on the target mobile phone.

Step3:  activate the secure web control panel

You can use the credentials you have received earlier through an email and use them to access the web control panel. Further, go to the features window and activate the following features to track cell phone devices connected to the internet.

Use android spy features to monitor someone’s phone

Here are the following advanced features that enable users to get the job done to the fullest.

Live screen recording

The end-user can activate the screen recorder app on android and capture live videos back to back on the cellphone screen and send them to the web control panel.

Surround recorder

You can control the android device microphone and record surroundings chats, and sounds and send data to the online dashboard.


Users can capture screenshots remotely by taking over the android screen and send multiple ones into the dashboard with the schedule.

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IM’s social media

Users can get access to the social messaging apps on cellphone devices using social media messenger spying software. You can read messages, chat, voice chat, voice calls, and media files with a schedule.

GPS tracker

Users can access the dashboard and activate features like GPS tracker, location history, and route map tracker, track location without GPS and track location using SMS. It will send instant results to the web control panel.

Browsing history

Users can spy cellphone browsing history and get to know about the visited applications, webpages with a schedule. Users can spy on installed web browsers and built-in as well.

Secure web control panel

Users can manage every activity via the android spy dashboard, and you can get results with the timestamp. However, you can use its TOSDesk app rather than signing in back and forth on the web.

Is it legal to spy on android?

Yes, it is legal and you can use it on your kid’s cellphone devices connected to cyberspace without consent. Android monitoring app is not intrusive and illicit surveillance software that you can use on any cellphone device that belongs to you at any point in time.

Can you track android without a root?

Yes, you can use TheOneSpy android spy without root on someone’s cellphone device connected to cyberspace. It is a hidden and undetectable monitoring app for android and packs with dozens of non-rooted features, like screen recording, social media spy, Voice call recorder, GPS tracker, and many more.

Is it possible to spy on android without using the software?

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No, you cannot use android tracking software without physical access on the phone. It requires an installation process having physical access to the target device.


TheOneSpy android spy is the best application that empowers you to track any android phone to the fullest.