Know Your Player: ID Verification of Gamers

Know your customer (KYC) is a method of identity verification of customers used by financial severe providers. The reason for ID authentication was the rise in financial fraud, scams, and money laundering. To protect customer accounts, their data, and the business’s market reputation, KYC becomes essential. Physical stealing or robbery is a thing of the past, now criminals use digital ways to loot people. To combat the modern attempts of crimes, Know your player is integrated with artificial intelligence.

know your player

Not only the financial sector is the target of crimes, but others also like health, education, gaming, and travel. Here we discuss Know your player, a similar method to KYC used by the gaming industry.

Why is the E-gaming Industry Thriving?

Normal people consider gaming as a recreational activity. They play games for fun, time pass, and entertainment. Physical sports are also played for exercise, but the trend is decreasing gradually. There are multiple reasons behind this.

  • Conventional physical sports are played between two teams or players. It requires a play area, gaming accessories like a football, and extra physical movement. While in internet gaming, a player just needs a gaming gadget (mobile phone, console, or PC) and a good internet connection. Both of these requirements are not very difficult to fulfill. The most significant benefit of gaming is, it does not require ground and movement. A player can play a video game at his home laying on the bed
  • The rules and modes in physical sports have not changed majorly in past decades. But the rules and modes in games change after some time. Every new update brings different gameplay. The modifications are made after analyzing user behaviors through AI and Ml algorithms. This gives an enhanced gaming experience while playing and increase the engagement time with the player
  • The gaming records the user activities and examines the ways of user interaction with the game. It gives a better idea for decision-making during updates. The charming interface and graphics of games keep a player engaged for hours
  • Covid-19 accelerated the pace of the gaming industry where people were bound to stay at home and the only thing they had was mobile phones. The pandemic experience raises in players, gaming time, and the emergence of new games. Their global revenue of e-sports is 1.08 billion dollars, as reported by Statista in July 2020. With the previous catalysts, the revenue is forecasted to boom in the coming years.
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Gaming is not only limited to leisure, but now people also adopt it as a profession. The prize money of gaming tournaments can be in millions. In 2019, the winning amount of a gaming tournament was $34 million. Money is also involved in the form of in-game purchases and digital wallets.

The Process flow Explained

To protect the player accounts and their money player verification. Know your player solution can be used while signing up. As you know your player is an online method and the verification is conducted by software, the integration becomes very easy. Here is the process of know your player verification:

  • The players onboard on the gaming website or app by giving their personal details like full name and residential address
  • The system requires the players to upload an image of government-issued ID proof (like an id card)
  • Then a live facial selfie of the player is captured
  • The similarity is checked between the selfie and photo ID
  • The authenticity of the ID proof is confirmed (whether it is issued by the government or not)
  • Data is extracted from the image using OCR technology and matched with the player given information
  • If the information and selfie matches then the player is allowed to proceed further for sign up
  • The results are shown on the players’ screen

Wrapping It Up

Gaming websites, mobile apps, tournament platforms, and online casinos should use know your player verification services. It will help in the prosperity of the whole gaming industry. It will keep criminals miles away and give a secure environment to the player. Their trust in online gaming safety  will be improved also.

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