Mobile Phones Fingerprint Scanner can do much more
Mobile Phones Fingerprint Scanner can do much more

Fingerprint Scanners have been not only used all over the world for bio-metric authentication. Now we also use it our smart electronic gadgets. Fingerprint scanner is not just using for lock/unlock phones, it have also some more features. If you have seen Sci-Fi movies, you want to create most of the secret things (like door lock) lock using fingerprint scanners. The main reason of manufacturers include fingerprint scanners on their smartphones is to provide more security and easy lock/unloack for avoid unauthorized access to your smartphone.

  1. Lock apps installed on our Android smartphone

In such a cases, we may want to keep our Whatsapp, Telegram, Hike, Photos, Calendar, Email, Calendar, Email etc locked with a password while allowing access to other apps, games, YouTube and Google search.

AppLock – Finger print Unlock is free and ads free. You can selectively choose the secret apps which you want to lock. Even you can be lock settings like WiFi, Bluetooth use, app installs and phone calls and many more.

  1. Authenticate Google Play to purchases

Free apps can downloaded easily but in the case of paid or premium apps, Google ask for your authenticate password just to make that it’s actually we making the purchase.

If kids handle our phone, we can make this step faster. Open Play Store and at top there is Settings by tapping the three horizontal lines.

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Check the box that says ‘fingerprint authentication’. If we have a stored fingerprint on the device, we can just place our finger to complete the transaction.

  1. Keep passwords secure

It is a good habit to have different passwords for different accounts it gives more security. The password vault acts as a secure place to store all our passwords, protected by a single, master password.
Here we can also use our fingerprint as the master password as well as to enter passwords (autofill) on known sites.

  1. Showing selective photos from gallery

We do not just hate it when we pass our phone to someone to show photo and they start swiping through all the images in our gallery? Caramel Apps, the makers of Solo Photo, feel our pain. We can select one or more than one images that we want to show and open them in Solo Photo.

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  This will be locked with our fingerprint. Then we can safely hand over our phone knowing that our friend will only be able to view the photos we have allowed. The basic version is free, ad-supported and allows you some limited functionality. To unlock all the features to buy the premium version app.

  1. Fingerprint as a camera shutter 

Some devices have this feature inbuilt into the stock camera app; just tap the fingerprint sensor to capture a photo rather than tapping the screen. If we do not find this settings of the camera app or if not available, we can add it to any Android phone with some apps.
Before purchasing make sure that it works well for you (there can be so many variations in Android hardware) the developer has a free trial version that gives us some uses to check with your favorite apps.

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