Moving to a new place is an energetic and joyful experience, at least until you get messed up with the packing and unpacking of your goods.

Packing can be a very exhausting and time-consuming activity and becomes even more stressful if you don’t have much experience in it.  There are many common problems that you will have to face during your work. These issues will increase your effort, and kill the fun of the new place, in no time.

Luckily, most of these problems are avoidable, and this article will guide you through some major packing issues along with measures to avoid them.

Last Minute Plans

Packaging Mistakes People Make While Relocating

The packaging seems an elementary activity, and it is, but only if you do it the right way with proper planning and scheduling. The last-minute packaging always results in overloading of boxes and unorganized packaging that ends with damaged goods and hours of extra work for sorting the mess, once you reach your destination.

You should start sorting your product at least a few days or weeks before the actual date. You should begin with the products that have minimal usage in your daily life and then move to the essential gradually with nearing trip dates.

No Inventory Control

It is very common for you to underestimate the packaging material you need and then rush for the content at the last minute. It is possible that you don’t get the material and have to adjust to what you have which means more chances of damaged products.

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Even if you somehow manage to get the product, this trip to the market will delay all your plans and schedule for packing.

You should carefully make a note of all the packaging material you need before you go shopping. It is also better if you get some extra packaging, especially bubble wraps for your ceramics and glassware.

You Don’t Get Rid Of Stuff

Everyone has a lot of things that they don’t need, and you should avoid carrying these with you. It is never an ideal to take extra baggage weight while backloading Brisbane to Cairns, just, to throw it away in the end. You should sort this extra stuff and send them for donation or recycling.

Avoiding this extra stuff will not only save space in the truck but also eliminate the hassle of packaging and unpacking boxes of useless materials, reducing the box count on the way.

You Don’t Consider The Delicacy Of Some Things

packaging material

There are always some items like the chandler and chinaware in your home that are more delicate than others and need special packaging. These are the things that you should pack in the beginning when you are high on energy and don’t mind wrapping some extra bubble pads and tape around them. You should also keep some padding in the box so that the external pressure is evenly distributed and does not damage your products.

Some extra cost of tape and wraps won’t hurt as much as a broken set of your favorite crockery. So, plan for it.

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Not Getting A Survival Kit

The most common mistake that you can do is, to forget the essential daily utility bag for your trip. The truck with your goods can take time to reach your place; moreover, you can’t just open all the boxes to find your toothbrush in the morning.

It is essential that you pack a bag with your daily needed stuff like toothbrush, nightdress, slippers and also a scissor or knife to open the boxes. You can also carry a briefcase with all the paper and documents that you will need at the new place.

Even with well organized and labeled packing, it will take some time to unpack all your stuff and arrange them, so you need a backup to survive at that time.

Liquids Leaking

The last thing you ever want is all your packaging and goods getting ruined because you carelessly packed a bottle of juice that leaked on the way.

You should try to avoid liquid containers during moving trips, but if you can’t, make sure to seal them properly and then put them is zip tags for safety.

You can also try to place all the bottles in a separate box, with marking for the upper side and a label to indicate what’s inside the box. Remember to tell your movers about the liquid bottle box, so that they place it away from heavy pressure spots.

Not Getting Professional Help

Packaging can get stressful, especially if you are working alone and don’t have much time for the trip. You can find some companies with good background service records and ask them for some help. You may see it as an extra expenditure, but the safety and reliability that these professional services they offer, are worth the cost.

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These companies can also provide you with an additional discount with the same high-quality services if you go for backloading.

Final Words

The clarity in your moving and packaging, along with professional help will ensure that you get a very smooth experience for your new phase of life. You can find a lot of firms that will provide you with a hassle-free option if you are want backloading Brisbane to Cairns services at affordable prices. Some of them can also provide packing services, but it is best to do your research before hiring a removalist.