PUBG Mobile Season 10 

PUBG Mobile Season 10

PUBG Mobile is planned to roll out a new update, PUBG Mobile Season 10 coming soon. PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 update is yet to roll out, but leaks have already given us an informer glance at what to expect. The new PUBG Mobile update is also likely to bring Season 10.

MrGhostGaming has been sharing details on the new PUBG Mobile update, and the beta version has also revealed some details. PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 will come with a new map for Team Deathmatch and modern ruins based map as well. New machinery includes an MP5K submachine gun with 9mm ammo and with support for all attachments.

PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 will also get a new vehicle called Zima, which is a hatchback car with a carrier on top of it. More features expected on PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 are a new quick voice chat model ‘Sara’, new emotes and avatar frames.

PUBG Mobile Season 10 Elite pass

Season 10 of PUBG Mobile that’s coming with the new update. Season 10 on PUBG Mobile will be called ‘Fury of the Wasteland’ and the theme will be set on the backdrop of Mad Max Fury. This season’s Elite Royale Pass will be 600UC, and the Elite Pass will be 1800UC.

Coming to the rewards section, PUBG Mobile players can get new parachute skin and an M249 skin. There’s also a collection of clothes and weapon skins with the desert theme. Players can expect costumes like Apocalypse Guardian Set, Desert Trooper Set, Snowflake Girl Set, and Irradiated Frog Set on PUBG Mobile Season 10.

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