We started my own freelancing business and built my own websites. Although I use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) templates, I quickly realized that there has to be a quick way to create websites, and luckily I found WordPress. After that, I’ve never looked back as WordPress is clearly emerging. This can be an interesting post as I want to share with you some of the 10 reasons why you should start using WordPress (or at least, these are the reasons why I still use WordPress.

Secret Guide To Why Only WordPress

No program was required –

We loved the program when I installed my first online game. But soon realize that it is not an easy task to stay updated with development and deliver powerful and sustainable programs. You will be happy to know that you do not need to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript to use WordPress. That being said, knowing these languages ​​will help you understand how WordPress works (This is helpful if you want to make small changes to your WordPress site in the future).

Theme Introduction –

This is one of my favorite things about WordPress! With this remarkable software, you can change the layout of the web with a few clicks after downloading the free (or paid) WordPress theme! After that you will have a new look of the website with unchanged content! It is almost impossible to change the design of a website with such ease before the launch of WordPress.

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Online data storage –

This is amazing. Some participants asked me what would happen to their site if their computer crashed. I calmly told them that nothing would happen to their site. You see, WordPress works on a server where your website is hosted, which means all the website information is stored online and operates independently from your computer. This also means that you can access your website and make changes using many different computers (as long as you remember the URL to access your website management page).

Search Engine Friendly –

For me, there is no reason to build a website without letting people find us easily. WordPress is one of the top software optimized for search engines – from loading speed to displayed URL. There are very few attempts you need to make outside of WordPress to add search engines.

Compliance with W3C –

We are not sure about you, but while we were building my first few websites, I’m sure everything I do on-site is World Wide Web Consortium Compliance. This means that all codes (HTML, CSS) comply with the standards. Hopefully, this is by no means an easy task especially if you are happy to try new texts and find that you cannot use them due to compatibility problems. The good thing is that WordPress is compliant with W3C.

We hope the above-mentioned experience will help you in judging. I would recommend everyone to follow these simple steps. This will defiantly help you a lot. However, you should also do some research for your judgment.

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