Do you really want to stay in comfort all year round? To keep your whole home comfortable despite the weather conditions outside, Ducted Aircon Sydney is the sole answer to this.

The Ultimate reasons to choose Ducted aircons in Sydney

Thinking about your air conditioning your home or getting ready to install no matter what stage you are at, it is a great idea to consider ducted air conditioning. We are here to help you understand why the ducted air conditioning is the best solution for your home or office and how you will be benefiting from it though you may have heard some negatives about it.

A complete house solution

Along with the concept to cool and heat the whole house is on which ducted air conditioning is designed. Being released through a network of ducting to each room, the outdoor unit pumps air to the indoor unit where the air is cooled or heated as desired.


Ducted air conditioning is unobtrusive to the design of your home and it is a sleek system. On an external wall, the outdoor unit is situated and on the roof cavity the indoor unit is placed. The control panels on the wall are fitted in a central location and the system is fitted off with stylish outlets in the ceiling. In the interior of your home or office there are no bulky unit displays.


Are you worried regarding the safety of yourself, your family, or pets? Ducted air conditioning is a safe system with no risk of potential harm so you need to be rest assured. There are qualified professionals out there in your area who can install your ducted system correctly following the best practice procedures and maximizing safety. Unlike other heating and cooling methods i.e. split system units, there are no exposed flames.

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User friendly

Being very easy to use, the ducted air conditioning is a “set and forget” system. Your air conditioner comes in with the simple press of a button. To set your desired air temperature and flow, this also allows you to turn off zones that are not being used, increasing efficiency and lowering your electricity bill as there are clear buttons.

These days most ducted air conditioning systems have an app which is installed on your tablet or smart phone with iOS or Android capabilities further to this. The only system that uses an app is the ducted air turn on your air conditioning before you arrive home.


To improve the overall efficiency the ducted air conditioning systems are designed. The following are the components:

  • Reverse Cycle: The one system provides heating and cooling is what it means. Having multiple systems which are drawing electricity to each unit is thereby saved. Than any other electrical input which gives it an efficiency of up to 250% more the ducted air conditioning systems produces higher heat output.
  • Inverter Control: It is smoother and more stable in operation and reaches the desired temperature more quickly than the conventional units and this helps the system handle greater extremes in temperature.
  • Thermostats and Sensors: In the return air, individual zones/rooms or on the controller, the units are controlled by these and are installed. With the inverter controls, the thermostats and sensors work in conjunction. The temperature of the area is measured through this. A signal is sent to the main controls and the system cycles off when an area gets to the desired temperature. A signal is sent to the main controls and the system cycles on when the area changes temperature.
  • Timer: To help save power by having the system come on at appropriate times to avoid having the system on when no one is in the house, this can help.
  • R410A Refrigerant: In the ducted air conditioning systems this is the gas which is used. This offers superior energy saving as well as an excellent stability.
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Ducted air conditioning system is considered a luxury and is a great investment. The value of your home will be simultaneously increased. To purchase and install compared to other heating and cooling devices, these systems are more expensive to purchase and this will offset over time when it comes to the running cost of this system.