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We use all mobile phones, and when checking the configuration of any mobile on the internet, it is told by the phone company that this phone has a very strong sensor. Have you ever wondered what the smartphone sensor is? And what is the work of this sensor in the smartphone? Today, through this article, we will tell you the logos that what are the smartphone sensors and what is the work done ?

Ayushman Bharat Yojana

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Actually mobile phone sensors are like its nose, ears and eyes, and by giving this, this smartphone steam the input of the user and gives output accordingly. Lost mobile phone or smartphone is an electronic device. And it obscures all the activity of the user and gives output to the user accordingly.


Sensors in Smartphones

There are many types of sensors which we mainly see in our smartphones,

  • BSI Sensor

BSI sensor or back illuminated sensor is a digital image sensor that improves photo quality. The photo being pulled by this sensor gives better light and also provides better quality in low light conditions. Simply put, the BSI sensor controls how much brightness will be in the photo.

  • Accelerometer

The screen landscape or portrait of Mobile Phone is done using this sensor. In whatever direction we move the mobile, the mobile screen also rotates in the same direction. The ‘Auto rotate’ setting in mobile works on this sensor. It is also used for image rotation.

  • Proximity Sensor
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It is located near the front camera in the mobile. This sensor identifies the distance between the phone and the object in front of it. During the phone call, sometimes the ear touches the mobile touch screen, in which case the phone is cut off or some other app is opened. This sensor is used to avoid such a situation.

  • Light ambient sensor

This sensor is also used on the front of the phone, this sensor is used to adjust the brightness of the phone screen to automatic adjust. When the brightness of the mobile is set in automatic mode, this phone adjusts the brightness of the mobile according to the light of the user’s environment.

  • Gyroscope or Gyro Sensor

This is an advanced version of the Accelerometer sensor, and it traces the movement of mobile lightly too easily. It is used to play mobile games. When we play racing games and turn the mobile phone right or left to turn the car right or left, then it is due to this sensor. It is also used in 360 photo.

  • Magnetometer Sensor

This works of Compass. And by the same sensor, some place is detected in the map and North and South are detected. This sensor also works as a metal detector.

  • Barometer Sensor

Using it, the acute location is detected in the GPS. And with its help you can also find out your elevation from the ocean floor, and with its help can measure the atmosphere pressure.

  • Fingerprint sensor

This time it is the most popular sensor. It has been used to make the phone more secure. This makes the phone lock / unlock. By scanning fingerprint, it uses it as a password for the phone.

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All this smartphone sensor is not needed in the same phone. This mobile phone depends on the company, which model of which sensor is giving to the phone. Still, we should know about which sensor works in mobile