english proofreader

Although due to the internet and computers penetrating in every part of the world, people have no choice except to accept the superiority of software usage and how they are much better and efficient than us. But still, there are some works that human do better than any other algorithm and it is known as proofreading.

The well-known Microsoft automatic spell checker is used by people and is quite a handy tool, but the same cannot compete with a human proofreader in many aspects. As below are the few things that technology cannot stand in front of human intervention:

Proper Nouns:

While correcting through computers, they only recognize a certain number of common nouns like Henry, Jack, etc. and places like Victoria, Canberra, etc. The software never identifies the nouns who are more obscure including the names of many cited authors. So, in these cases relying on humans, can be a better judgment for you.


The software while rectifying any document the software checks the words that are misspelled but do never stress on the words that are misused. For example, if there are two things known as prints and prince, your spellchecker will never be able to spot the error while a human english proofreader can rectify the same as soon as he finds it.

Technical Language:

Any computer spell checker cannot include enough words to cover every possible subject. The issue can be troublesome with the academic as well as technical writing. As daily upgrades in these fields introduce different terms regularly and it becomes difficult for a software to recognize the mistakes all over.

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In high-quality writing, it becomes difficult at times to spot the errors between two different spellings for the same word such as “organize” and “organize”. As in a typical high-quality kind of writing one of the usual issues arises is the consistent use of citations and terms and which any software finds quite tricky to spot. This is were a human intervention demanded and implemented to rectify the document quickly.

Flow and Structure:

An excellent essay is found to flow smoothly in a structured argument from one point to another. The human proofreaders are considered as experts for spotting problems with the structure of essays and can advise the writers to improve upon various aspects in their writings. The automatic spell or grammar checker can give you an insight about basic grammar or spelling but knowing about the structure and creating a flow can only handle through human intervention. Try reputed proofreading services to improve your documents and make it perfect as per the requirements.

Presentation and Formatting:

Finally, the human proofreader can also help you out with the performance and formatting for your work. Like this, in turn, can boost your readability which is as important as spelling and grammar as it represents your work correctly and gives an excellent impression to the user.

There are many softwares available in market but replacing human proofreading is quite impossible. You can have a basic spell check but for making any document perfect human intervention is very much desired.