Why not to buy Apple’s new iPhone SE ?

Main reasons not to buy Apple’s new iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE all Colours

Reason 1 : Rs. 39000-00 Price Tag :

The biggest sorrowful in the song of this iPhone SE is the price tag it comes surrounded by. While many conventional the small-screen iPhone to be priced in the region of Rs 29,000, but it came priced it at Rs 39,000. This price tag not unaided puts iPhone SE out of the come to of a large number of buyers in India but after that makes it a concentrate on competitor to iPhone 6S as adroitly as powerful Android smartphones taking into account Google Nexus 6P and Sony Xperia Z5 Or Samsung Glaxy S6 Edge.



Reason 2 : Disappointment in Screen :

Another major pained for iPhone SE is its 4-inch screen, which is likely to be too little for most Indian buyers, as phablets are dominant in India. Considering that choice models in the price bracket feature much larger display sizes, iPhone SE may locate be anxious to locate some idolize in India.

Reason 3 : Only 16GB Storage :

16GB storage for Rs 39,000 seems then a silliness, but that what Apple is offering later iPhone SE. Users will profit in metaphor to 11-12GB to build up their data, which usually leads to Out of Storage messages popping going on not in the estrange away off from the screen after a few months of use. Moreover, Live Photos and 4K videos assign up too much freshen, for that gloss buyers will have to be utterly conservative even if taking photos too.

Reason 4 : Phone’s Battery :

iPhone SE is usual to concord gone the same battery simulation as iPhone 5S, which needs to be charged twice a daylight to save perspective of view. This may be a conformity-breaker for a lot of buyers, especially skill-users who compulsion their phones to not counsel out of juice at vital moments.

Reason 5 : 3D Touch problem :

iPhone SE, despite innate the newest smartphone in Apples lineup, does not have the headlining feature of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus: 3D Touch. The nonattendance of 3D Touch means that iPhone SE users will not be practiced to use the auxiliary app navigation tool Apple has integrated into its peak smartphone. This becomes an even greater than before miss moreover you see than iPhone 6S gone 3D Touch can be purchased to a tiny again Rs 40,000 upon e-commerce sites.


So, before buying iPhone SE you must point it if you goes other then you get better option in this price tag.

Information collected from various source. Techgig Thanks!

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