Why use aluminium doors and windows in your home?

Are you looking to install new windows and doors in your home? If you are considering installing the traditional wooden doors and windows, you should consider the aluminium windows. Aluminium is gaining popularity in the construction of homes due to the numerous benefits it provides to the homeowners.

Aluminium is strong, durable and easy to maintain. Moreover, it is a cheaper alternative to other materials. It offers plenty of benefits and reasons for installation in homes and offices. Let us check the various benefits of using aluminium door and windows.

Why use aluminium doors and windows in your home

Cheaper than timber and PVC

Aluminium is less expensive than traditional wood due to which the cost of installation reduces significantly. It provides the best value for your hard earned money. Moreover, it is also cheaper than PVC material that is another alternative to the traditional timber. Low cost and high strength is the reason for gaining popularity of the aluminium among the residential and commercial installations.

Strength and Durability

Aluminium has high strength and durability as compared to other materials. It has a longer life than the conventional timber and PVC. Once you install the aluminium doors, you can expect them to last for more than thirty years. Unlike other materials, aluminium does not crack or split which means it can last longer than you expect.


You can customise the aluminium as per your requirements. It is not necessary to install the pre-designed aluminium doors or windows. With aluminium, you have both the options – using the pre-made designs and customised designs for your home.

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A wide variety

aluminium doors and windows

The aluminium doors and windows are available in a wide range like the hinged doors, sliding doors and bi-fold doors. The aluminium bifold doors Bankstown are highly prevalent in the areas surrounding Sydney. Moreover, there are aluminium casement doors, slide and lift doors that you can choose to install in your home.

Eye-catching aesthetics

Aluminium offers you a variety of colours and finishes. You can coat it to get the required look and colour.  It is possible to tailor the aluminium doors and windows to the specifications of your choice regardless of the shape and size you want. Aluminium can improve the aesthetic appeal of your rooms as well as the outdoor space like patios and verandahs.

Colour options

In the case of conventional materials like timber, you have limited choices of colour. Earlier the aluminium doors were also available only in the silver or grey colours. But now aluminium doors are available in a variety of colour options. You can choose a colour that suits the interior of your rooms. As the outdoors are brighter than indoors, you can opt a dark colour for your patio and outdoor settings.

Energy efficiency

The energy bill of your house is affected by the quality of your doors and windows. The low quality of installation and material can significantly increase the energy bills of your home. The air inside your home can escape through the cracks or gaps in the doors or windows, and you need to run your temperature regulating devices for longer.

Aluminium is an excellent insulator and limits the loss of heat from your home which helps you save on your energy bill. Any building with aluminium doors and windows has superior energy efficiency that is why it is used in offices and commercial settings.

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Weather resistance

The conventional timber tends to peel off and deteriorate due to moisture and external weather conditions. Aluminium offers excellent weather resistance for homes and commercial buildings which helps maintain the energy efficiency. Moreover, it does not deteriorate with the moisture or heat and lasts longer than timber and PVC.

Low Maintenance

Although aluminium cost higher than various materials it helps you save money in the long term. Aluminium requires low maintenance than other materials. The materials like timber and wood are prone to be attacked by termites and pests.

You need to replace the wooden doors every 15 to 20 years. The aluminium doors are not prone to damage by pests or termites and last up to 30 years. Aluminium can save you a lot on the maintenance costs of your doors and windows.


Unlike the PVC and other synthetic materials, aluminium doors and eco-friendly and does not harm the environment. Unlike the timber, aluminium is recyclable and eco-friendly. Moreover, you can easily combine it with the standard glass or fibreglass.

Final words

Aluminium offers you a wide range of design and colour options. Aluminium is not the cheapest material available, but its high durability, thermal resistance and low maintenance can save your money in the long term. Now as you know the advantages of aluminium for doors and windows, you can plan to install them in your home or offer advice to others.