Wisesolution Linux Reseller Hosting

Are you looking to own a web hosting business?

I will say, Linux Reseller Hosting is the best thing to start with. You must be wondering why I am saying so?

Due to high security, flexibility, and other luxuries, most people prefer Linux technology for their business websites and personal & professional blogs. Specially the web developer, who has a good hand in technology, loves to use this technology to code and build sites in its free-flow environment. So investing in the Linux Reseller Hosting business won’t make you regret it even for a moment.

This article will further discuss Linux Reseller Hosting, its Features, and a detailed brief on Wisesolution.

What is Linux Reseller Hosting?

Linux Reseller Hosting refers to a hosting where the middlemen buy resources such bandwidth, RAM, CPU, etc in bulk from the parent web hosting company and then re-customize them, re-package them and resell them to their own end customer without disclosing the identity of the real source. The operating system used at the foundation of this server in Linux.

It is best for web developers and agencies already developing and designing websites for their clients.

Wisesolution – The Best Reseller Web Hosting Provider in 2021

Wisesolution is the industry-leading Reseller hosting provider in India, France and Canada. It is also an award-winning company that believes in providing only reliable and advanced hosting services to its clients and end customers. Its affordable, or say, cheap plans do not allow its clients or end-users to switch to other hosting companies. The company has served more than 6000+ customers with its cheap Linux Reseller Hosting Packages and plans and built a long-term trust with them.

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  • Host multiple websites with an unlimited Linux reseller hosting plan of Wisesolution. Create multiple Cpanel accounts and host several domains under one single Cpanel account for your end customers.
  • Get 100% SSD Storage to boost the performance of your website.
  • Get a 100% White Labeled System to resell your hosting packages and plans without disclosing the identity of a real source.
  • Get Web Host Manager (WHM) tool to handle and create Cpanel accounts and host multiple websites, emails with it in one-click.
  • Give your website an Unmatched Speed with Cloudflare CDN and increase the uptime of your website on google search engine.
  • Get a Free website builder. Even a non-technician can build a site using a drag and drop option in a few clicks.
  • Wisesolution works as a Migration Assistant for all your websites and their data.
  • Malware Scan & Protection to secure your data from outside attacks or say, cybercrimes.
  • Get Email Services in your domain name to make it look more professional while reaching out to your customers.
  • Softaculous, the One-click installer helps you to install your choice of applications on your server, such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc.

Reasons to Choose Wisesolution only

After getting a brief about Wisesolution, here I would like to share few advantages of choosing Wisesolution, which are as follows:


  1. 7 Days Money Back Guarantee: With Wisesolution, If due to any reason, you don’t like our plan, we will refund your money within 7 working days only. This advantage you won’t get from any other web hosting company for sure.
  2. 100% site uptime assurance: The technical experts of wisesolution make sure no website face downtime. Therefore, the team keeps monitoring the server 24/7 to ensure clients’ websites remain up always.
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  1. Easy data migration services: With Wisesolution, you can easily migrate your data and files. The company charges a minimal fee to securely transfer your data from your existing server to our server.


  1. Free SSL Certificate: As we all know, no visitor trusts a website till it shows HTTPS status to its visitors. Herewith Wisesolution, we, along with all our reseller hosting packages, offer a free SSL certificate to shift your website from HTTP to HTTPS status.


  1. Softaculous Installer: It is a one-click software that helps you install more than 300+ custom-built software and applications on your server.


  1. Free Domain and Reseller Hosting Hosting Account: With every Linux Reseller Hosting Plan of Wisesolution, you will get unlimited free domains and reseller hosting accounts.


  1. Round the Clock Technical Support: The expert team of Wisesolution works 24/7/365 to solve their clients’ hosting problems. You can report your issue freely via official email, ticket system or chat system, whatever you feel is best for you.


  1. Datacenter choice: Wisesolution provides the server in more than 25+countries. Therefore, you can choose the location of your hosting as per your customer base and business location.


  1. Special Hosting Services: The wisesolution offers enterprise-grade resources to fill all your business requirements. In case you require resources or any other technical help, you can freely contact our team 24/7 for a special hosting service.

Plans and Prices

The Wisesolution presents the most affordable plans and prices for every client and end customer.

Linux Reseller hosting Plan

 Customer Reviews

A lot of customers say that Wisesolution is the most affordable and trustworthy web host to deal with. If you don’t believe our words, check our customer’s response on the world’s best customer review website – “Hostadvice”.

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Customer Reviews


In the end, I want to conclude that if you are seriously looking to make your career in the web hosting business, then choose Linux Reseller Hosting to gain a large customer base from all over the world. Due to its open-source nature, it will never lose its value in the coming times, in fact, it will get more prevalent among people demanding high security at affordable prices.

Wisesolution is recommended due to its enterprise-grade resources and cheap Linux reseller hosting plans and prices. If you wish to partner with Wisesolution, then contact us at +91-6378789956. The expert team will help you with all your requirements and provide you with the best hosting services possible.

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