Google Sheets for Business

There seems to be an app for every function in business, but one that should not miss from your list is Google Sheets. The tool offers excellent versatility, with startups using it to:

  • Track goals and results for campaigns
  • Manage editorial calendars
  • Perform keyword and backlink research and a lot more.

However, the best way to use Google sheets is much more than this. We reached out to experts in search of answers on how to best use Google Sheets for business. Let’s delve into their insights.

Google Sheets for Collaboration

Matt Bullock, Vice President Technical Sales at Accelera IT Solutions, says that his company has been using Google Sheets for 3-5 years. Google Sheets provides several possibilities, including:

  • Collaboration abilities
  • Add-ons
  • Integration with other Google applications
  • Ease of use
  • Convenient access
  • Customization options
  • Real-time tracking

Bullock says that the most vital feature that his company has benefited from in using Google Sheets is the collaboration ability. This feature has made it easy for remote employees to give their input in real-time. On the other hand, the company can closely monitor remote employees to ensure they work a full day.

Google Sheets also makes it possible for Bullock and his team to collaborate with clients on projects not running for more than 30 days. The real-time update features allow remote employees and clients to use a single sheet for everything. Tasks like:

  • Planning the installing of a new phone system
  • On-boarding a new group of employees
  • Keeping track of a vendor while installing a new software program, network cabling job, or compliance inspection are all easy and convenient because of Google Sheets collaboration.
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Sharing and Collaborating on Files

Through Google Drive, teams can conveniently share files, edit the same file, and collaborate in real-time. Whenever they share a file from Google Drive, they can allow others to share, view or edit that same file. Users can share any file stored on Google Drive. However, the collaboration features are only available for files they create within the Drive.

When sharing a file with a limited group of people, the collaborators must sign in with a Google account to gain access. However, when sharing with a large group or the file is made public, collaborators don’t need a Google account for file access.

Sharing Files Through a Link

It’s possible and easy to share a file with many people by providing them with a link to any file in Google Drive. This link is a URL or web address for the file to be shared. It serves a valuable purpose where the files are too large to send as an email attachment, including music and video files. Users can share such files by posting the link to a public web page for access by everyone who clicks on the URL.

Collaboration Tools

When users share a file in Google Drive format, they can choose to allow the collaborators to change and edit the file. To make this possible, Google provides several tools that enhance collaboration. In the long run, communication becomes more effortless, and everyone with access to the file can see the changes made and by whom.

Google also offers a feature called suggesting mode. It’s closely similar to the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Office. With this feature, each collaborator can make changes and allow other collaborators to review the changes before they become permanent.

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Modifying Collaborators

When using Google Sheets, sometimes users may want to adjust who has access to a file. This is possible by clicking on “Share” to reopen the settings. Here, users with the necessary permissions can adjust to specify who access to a file. Click on “Share with” to reopen the list of collaborators. From the menu, click on the icons to change the security level of collaborators or remove them from the collaboration.

Importance of Instagram for Business

When asked about the importance of Instagram to his company, Bullock says that the app is not a priority for them. After all, most clients find Accelera through Google Search or LinkedIn. Bullock, however, notes that they have used Instagram from time to time. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been quite effective in generating new leads.

However, Instagram makes for an effective marketing tool when used the right way. It provides the opportunity to prove to your target audience that your brand has a unique personality. This makes it very easy to connect with your business. Using interactive videos, competitions, vivid images, and shout-outs are creative ways to use Instagram to attract new customers.

Networking with larger Instagram accounts within your niche is also an excellent way to grow an organic following and expand your network.

Effect Engagement with Customers

It’s the dream of every brand to let customers know that it exists and have them come back for more business. Instagram is one platform that has allowed people to make their opinion known respectfully. The average Instagram user wants to associate with only the best posts. The more you upload high-quality posts and photos, the more likes you get, increasing your online visibility to your selected audience.

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Furthermore, you can leverage Instagram by hosting contests and giveaways and writing compelling bios. It also helps to curate content from users using location-based tools.

To succeed in making the most out of Instagram, watch how your competitors do it. What do they post, how often, and how is their interaction with their followers? You can effectively refine your brand strategies with the information you collect.

Final Thoughts

Google Sheets is one of the best tools any company can use for business. It’s versatile and time-tested for productivity, organization, tracking of data, and flexibility. Google Sheets is even more attractive because of its collaboration abilities. It allows users to view, edit, and share files with other collaborators in real-time, saving time and enhancing productivity.

If your business is yet to embrace Google Sheets and Instagram, it’s high time to consider doing so. Shifting to these solutions may not be easy and may take time for everyone to learn. However, at Ulistic, we are here to help with these and more technologies. Reach out to Ulistic today and find out how our company can help you make the most of all technological advancements.