What is Microsoft Dataverse?

With Microsoft Dataverse, you take advantage of an enterprise tool to store and manage data more efficiently and securely. The platform’s storage system uses a set of tables and columns. This partitioning approach groups matching data types together. It incorporates base sets to help you create custom tables applicable to your company’s unique operational requirements.

Microsoft dataverse
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The base sets make it easier to handle data covering wide-ranging business scenarios. Once you create custom tables, Power Query (a business intelligence tool) populates them with your organization’s data. In turn, it becomes possible to develop advanced business apps via Microsoft Power Apps.

Dataverse eliminates the need to implement data infrastructure, which can be expensive and time-consuming. The platform can handle data from a wide selection of sources, including systems, devices, apps, and services. Most businesses grapple with storage and data management challenges, owing to a sustained increase in volumes.

The presence of wide-ranging data types, security models, and APIs compounds the situation. Thankfully, Microsoft Dataverse provides a solution for these challenges. The platform comes with several benefits: scalability, ease of use, global access, security, and compliance.

Dataverse Benefits

Jason Simons with ICS in Austin states, “Dataverse helps organizations of varying sizes to handle various data types and business apps. This capability is crucial when planning to glean strategic insights from the data. Taking advantage of Dataverse’s storage and data management capabilities saves businesses money by eliminating the need to hire developers to create the appropriate technologies.”

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Key operational advantages include:

Reduce cost and boost productivity
With Dataverse, your company maximizes productivity while reducing costs by shortening the app development time. In addition, you increase the efficiency of core processes and deploy applications using Azure DevOps and GitHub.

Enhance innovation
The ability to develop and launch thousands of business apps more efficiently helps enhance innovation. Microsoft Dataverse simplifies the creation of intelligent agents and flows using Power Apps, a scalable low-code platform.

Maximize data protection
Switching to Dataverse is a smart move as it allows your company to leverage enterprise security measures that come with all Microsoft SaaS products. The platform provides advanced security management features capable of safeguarding sensitive information and maximizing compliance capabilities. Security measures include rich access control and advanced encryption.

Deliver business value
With Dataverse, your teams deliver services with agility and expand operational possibilities. Your organization achieves a broad selection of objectives with the data. The platform employs extended attributes and out-of-the-box tables to help your business quickly make things happen.

Get accurate insights
Adding low-code artificial intelligence (AI) to your automation solution is a viable way to leverage more accurate data insights. Additionally, it becomes easier to detect and correct any data issues, such as duplication and conflicts. Dataverse comes with built-in rules and logic to make your data work smarter.

How Dynamics 365 Applications Use Dataverse

Stuart Crawford with MSP marketing company Ulistic shares, “To use your business data to develop advanced apps, you can store the information from Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications using Dataverse. You take advantage of this capability without integrating the two platforms. Dynamics 365 apps that act as data sources include Dynamics 365 Talent, Customer Service, and Sales.”

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Power Apps handles the app development process. Alternatively, professional app developers can work with an extensible platform, making it easier to handle metadata and data. The platform allows users to integrate external data, build custom connectors, and apply business logic.

Holden Watne with GenIX in Los Angeles (https://www.generationix.com/it-services-los-angeles/) says, “For several years, Gartner has been announcing Microsoft as the undisputed leader in low-code application tools. This high-level recognition is a clear testimony of Power App’s quality and advanced features.”

Dataverse tables ensure data consistency by linking business rules and logic with app development in Power Apps. On the other hand, users with Dynamics 365 and Power Apps skills will find it easier to transfer these skills to the Dataverse platform.

Additional Deep Integration Options

The platform is also compatible with several connectors: Azure Logic Apps and Power Automate. Many of the popular software as a service (SaaS) solutions, devices, and apps work well with Dataverse. This capability enables your team to handle a wide selection of data types.

For this reason, the platform allows you to connect data from Dataverse to a blockchain network. Similarly, you can count on the platform to help you retrieve business data from a spreadsheet as an attachment delivered via email. These scenarios can play an integral role in boosting productivity and innovation. The low-code or no-code aspect associated with Microsoft Power Apps simplifies the enterprise integration scenarios.

You can integrate Dataverse with various platforms and services in a few hours or minutes instead of days or weeks. Using virtual tables provides a convenient way to map data from external sources. Mapping is a viable method to display data in Dataverse without importing it. This approach is vital when planning to handle data operations from external sources in real-time.

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With MS Dataverse, you gain access to a tool capable of performing over 300 data transformations. This function cleans and optimizes your organization’s data by reshaping it. By switching to Dataverse, you create a robust data foundation for your day-to-day operations.