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Hello and welcome to my friends today we discuss about the method of ransomware removal. Before discussing the above mentioned method we need to know about ransomware.

What is ransom ware ?

Ransomware or ransom malware is a type of computer malware which restrict the access of your computer system and prevent to use your files. They demand for unlock files.

After restrict to access files they demand for ransom. When you paid ramsom they remove the ransomware from your computer system using private key.

Some dangerous known ransomwares are WannaCry,  petya, Cerber, CryptoLocker etc.

How we get ramsomware to our computer system?

Ramsomware virus was created by a highly knowledgeable computer language programmer. It can be come your computer in different ways like email attachment, malware affected websites etc.

Email attachment is the most common method of ramsomware. In a attached PDF file or word documents they inject some hidden links and codes which will consist with Ramsomware malware.

While you download this infected attachment file and open then ramsomware get permission to activate immediately.

Types of ransomware malware

There are mainly three types of ransomware, they are as follows below:

Encrypting ransomware

This type of ransomware is a most dangerous type of ransomware. This malware are encrypts your computer files and demand ramsom to decrypt your files.

Encrypting ramsomware are most dangerous because of its nature. Once cyber criminal get control your computer system’s files, no way to decrypt those files using any security software.

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You pay the demanding ransome but no guaranty cybercriminals will give you those files back.


Scareware is a less dangerous compare to encrypting ransomware. It is a technical support type scam ransomware.

When you are affected this type of scareware ransomware, your computer system receive a many pop-up message claimed your computer have a dangerous virus. You need to remove this virus to buying their tools.

It is a false claiming and you files have being safe but you need to scan your computer with a updated good antivirus to remove this scareware type ransomware.

Screen lockers

When you are turning on your computer, you will see a full size window appear with a govt official looking investigation agencies seal. On this screen you will found a message for illegal activity which was operate from your computer.