In this era of technology, almost every person has a smartphone to stay connected with others. Smartphones are the devices that need repair from time to time. The smartphone repair is expensive as the mechanics or professionals charge a hefty amount even for minor repairs.

However, you don’t need to spend more on the minor repairs for your smartphone. With some knowledge, practice and tools, you can perform some basic maintenance yourself at home. This post explains some basic smartphone repairs that you can perform yourself without paying to the professionals.

Collect the tools

screwdriver kit

Before performing a smartphone repair, you need to collect all the tools required for the same. There are some basic tools that you need to disassemble and assemble the parts of all phones.

A screwdriver kit – you need a screwdriver kit that is specially made for smartphone repair. The screw heads are made to open the tiny screws in the body of smartphones. Different types of smartphones have different types of screws. A screwdriver kit comprises a variety of screw heads to open and close different screws.

Speciality screw heads – The modern smartphones like iPhone need special screw heads for opening and closing their screws. The reputed smartphone companies use special screws to prevent unauthorized repairs. However, you can get the screw heads that can open these phones for repair.

Screen pry tools – Smartphones have many parts pressed together tightly that are difficult to open with hands. You need special pry tools to separate those parts. You can easily separate a display or back panel from the body of a phone using a pry tool.

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Preparation is important

To perform the smartphone repairs smoothly and effectively, you need to create the environment. Clean up space in your room where you will do the repairs. You need a large table, a chair, the tools and proper light to see the tiny parts.

Moreover, there should be no distraction or disturbance in the area. Avoid music and TV in the space where you will be repairing the smartphones. For example, the repair facilities like I-smashed have a well-maintained environment for smartphone repairs Darwin that enables them to perform their job with perfection.

Search the guides

Before repairing any smartphone, you must have its guides of tutorials for repair. Every phone is different, and the process for fixing them also varies from model to model. Collect the guides of the different phones you need to repair and check some online video tutorials on YouTube. Make sure the videos you watch are created by qualified professionals and not newbies.

Most common repairs

Let us check some to the most common smartphone repairs that you can perform at your home.

Replacement of broken screens and displays

Replacement of broken screens and displays

Broken screens and displays are the most common problems that every phone owner needs to fix. The screen or digitizer replacement can be cheap or expensive depending on how they are built in a smartphone. If the glass and digitizer are separate, they are available at reasonable prices in the spares market. However, if the glass and digitizer is fused into a single unit, it is expensive and so is their replacement.

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Headphone and charging jacks

The headphone and charging jacks face a lot of stress and every day, people plug in and plug out the headphone and charging pins in their phones. These jacks are likely to wear within one or two years of purchase of a phone. You can easily replace the headphone and charging jacks using the proper tools and following the guides. Headphone jacks are usually plugged directly into the motherboard, and you can unplug the faulty unit to replace it with the new one quickly.

Camera unit replacement

Camera unit replacement

The cameras get blurred due to the dust and prolonged usage. Cameras need cleaning or replacement depending on the problem. If the outer glass is broken or the camera gets faulty, they need replacement. In case there is dust trapped inside the outer glass of the camera or its lens, it needs cleaning with a glass cleaner.

Software update or re-installation

Sometimes the entire operating system in the smartphone crashes due to some virus or malicious application. You will need to restore the phone to its factory settings or reinstall the operating system as a whole. Usually, every smartphone company offers you to download its operating system and install it when you need it.

Final Words

There are many types of smartphone repairs you can do yourself at home. However, you need to check the guides and tutorials of every phone before performing the repair. Without proper guide or tutorial, you may end up fiddling with the parts and makings the problems worse.

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For example, iFixit is the best website to find the guides for smartphones. However, many other sites offer repair guides for many models of smartphones. Having some skills, tools, tutorials and taking help from professionals like smartphone repairs Darwin can help you to repair any phone at home.


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