Netflix Alternatives and Best Android Apps for your streaming needs

Netflix Alternatives and Best Android Apps for your streaming needs
Netflix Alternatives and Best Android Apps for your streaming needs

Nowadays, Netflix is gaining huge popularity around the world for some amazing movies and TV shows. The craze of watching movies while sitting at home is increasing day by day. People are looking at other websites and apps like Netflix which allows them to do the same. This post specifically focuses on this part as it brings to you the top 5 Netflix alternatives for the purpose of watching movies online.

However, there are various websites as well as apps that allow you to watch movies for free, but we have cut short the list to the top 5. It would make this easy for you to decide what should you try. Here are the Top 5 Netflix Alternatives that let you watch your favorite movies and TV Shows.

1. You TV Player

You TV Player is a new free app that works as the hub of movies and TV shows for both Android and iOS users. It allows Internet users to watch new episodes of their favorite TV Shows and movies for free in today’s time. Furthermore, the best possible prints of recent movies are also available prior to their DVD release.

You get access to the different channels of the whole world with them categorized on the basis of their genres such as Sports, Drama, Music, Kids, Biography, and much more. It is worth the time and it doesn’t ask for any type of payment.

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2. Pluto TV

Another free-to-watch movies app on the list is Pluto TV. As mentioned, it is totally free and it doesn’t require any type of registration. It has more than 1000 movies in this app that are already available for users. Moreover, the app is updated regularly on the daily basis.

The best thing we found about Pluto TV is that you can request a movie (which is not available in the collection). The developers will respond to your request in a day or two. It is also available on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and other similar streaming services.

3. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is gaining popularity in recent times as one of the best Netflix Alternatives among Internet users. It allows you to browse through multiple categories such as Science, Thriller, Mystery, Drama, Comedy, Kids, Fiction, Horror, and much more. They have a huge collection of TV Shows and movies from the past as well as present.

An interesting fact about them is that they make a thread regarding the upcoming movies. Also, they upload a synopsis of the movies and their IMDb rating to give their users an idea about the movie. Moreover, as the apps mentioned earlier, it is also free of cost including the in-app purchases related to it. There is no need to make an account or register on the app to run it.

4. Showbox

Showbox is one of the best Netflix Alternatives with some outstanding features which makes it eligible for this list. Like Netflix, it offers tons of movies for users to watch online. It has received a very good response from Internet users and the majority regard it as one of the best streaming apps. Mainly, the possible reason can be its user-friendly interface.

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It is so handy that even a technology-challenged person can make use of it and watch movies for free. An interesting feature of Showbox is that you can set a reminder for the upcoming live events.

5. Tubi TV

The last on the list is Tubi TV. Some critics even rate it better than Netflix due to the services provided by them. Like other Netflix Alternatives on this list, there is no charge for the services of Tubi TV. It offers all the movies and TV shows for free to its users.

Also, it covers movies from different parts of the world and is not limited to any country or region. Furthermore, they have a huge variety of numerous genres and give plenty of room for a user to select from the huge collection. You’d definitely like the user interface and overall features of Tubi TV.

Final Words

That’s it. Even though Netflix is one of the greatest platforms to watch movies but it charges the users. They have to pay for their services every month. However, there is nothing like that in these Netflix Alternatives that we mentioned and you can run them without worrying about subscription fees at the end of every month. Have fun while sitting at home and watching movies online. Keep streaming!