A very few people are born with perfectly straight teeth. Many people have uneven teeth, and the dentists recommend them to use braces to realign them. Braces are available in the markets in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are far better than the conventional metal braces. However, you need to consult your orthodontist for choosing the right type of braces perfect for your teeth.

This post shares some of the common types of braces available today. You orthodontist may recommend you any one of these braces for the correction of your teeth.

Standard Braces

These are the standard type of braces that dentists have been recommending to people for decades. However, the traditional braces have improved a lot and are available in the high-grade stainless steel. They come with metal brackets that make them fit comfortably on your teeth.

The braces are connected with a thin wire which puts a mild pressure on the teeth to align them in the correct position. They are painful until you become habitual of wearing them.

Ceramic Braces

The ceramic braces work like the standard braces with the difference that they are made of ceramic material. The ceramic braces are transparent which makes them invisible and the perfect choice of youngsters.

They are removable, and the patients remove them while eating and brushing their teeth. However, the ceramic braces are expensive than the traditional braces due to the ceramic material and high demand.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are made of the same metal, but the orthodontist fits them on the inside of the teeth instead of outside. The main advantage of using the lingual braces is that they are equally effective as the metal or ceramic units, but they are not visible to others. They are completely invisible to others as they are fitted on the inner side, and they can be used for a variety of teeth alignment issues.

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However, there are some disadvantages of wearing lingual braces. The patient finds them difficult their teeth as the braces are not visible from the outside or in the mirror. The inner side of the teeth is difficult to clean as compared to the outer side. Some patients also face difficulty while speaking.

Self Ligating braces

Self Ligating braces

The self-ligating braces also make use of the wire system for the correction of teeth, but they have clips or doors to hold the wire. They are less painful than the metal and ceramic braces and hold fewer food particles. The self-ligation braces are available both in metal and ceramic materials; however, it may not be the right choice for every patient.

Orthodontists use them to treat a variety of simple and complex problems. The self-ligating braces are quite effective in offering your dentist complete control over the movement of your teeth.


Invisalign is the most common and effective type of invisible braces available in the market. The Invisalign system of braces offers plenty of benefits such as the ability to completely remove them for cleaning the teeth or eating food.

As the name suggests they are invisible and once the user becomes habitual of wearing them. Also, they are comfortable as compared to other types of braces available. The system is expensive than traditional and ceramic braces, but it is best for those who want an invisible solution for normal alignment of teeth. The Invisalign system of braces is not the best choice for severe alignment conditions.

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The retainers are the after treatment solution that maintains the teeth in their new position. They are not the braces, but they hold your teeth in their correct position after removing the braces. The retainers are of two types – removable and non-removable.

The removable retainers comprise the vacuum based mouth guards the firmly holds your teeth in the correct position. However, you can remove them while brushing your teeth or having your meals whenever you need.

The fixed retainers are the thin wires of stainless steel that are permanently set on your teeth to hold them firmly in their correct position. When you want to remove them, you need to visit your orthodontist.

After wearing the retainers full time for a short period, you will need to wear them only at night. The fixed retainers quite comfortable that the users cannot feel they are wearing them.

Final words

These are the types of dental braces available today with the dentist Bundoora. Your dentist offers you to choose from the available options. Every type takes a different time to align your teeth in the correct position. What you choose depends on the time of treatment, your comfort level and the money you are ready to spend. It is best to choose the treatment that is effective and takes less time to align your teeth in the correct position.