The 5G era is soon going to start in India. And seriously 5G is crazy generation network technology. Definitely speed ​​of 5G will surprise us. It will be 100 times better than 4G speed.

Speed of 5G

When 5G will Launch in India?

There was no hope of 5G before 2025 in India but there is a shocking news Mukesh Ambani reveals that Jio will launch 5G service in India in the second half of 2021

This is really a huge announcement from Jio. After the 4G revolution, Jio again is going to create history. In 2016 Jio launched 4G services for the first time in India and now Jio will launch 5G In 2021 for the first time in India.

Why 5G Different from 4G, 3G, 2G?

5G is on its way and the speed ​​of the internet has become the hunger of humans nowadays. As we are becoming more developed we are getting the need for faster internet.

5G is a new digital way for transforming Bytes and Data units wirelessly over the air. 5G utilises much higher radio frequencies in comparison to 4G networks. 5G new interface uses “millimetre wave spectrum” it enables more devices to be used within the same area. 4G can support about 4,000 devices per square kilometre but 5G will support around one million devices per square kilometre. That means you can do whatever you want to do on the internet without interruption.

5G network also uses a new digital technology called Massive MIMO, which stands for :

  • Multiple inputs multiple outputs
  • Improving coverage, speed and capacity
  • Nut with lots of wastage of the light/signal
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Is 5G Dangerous for Us?

Many scientists research the effect of 5G
network technology and after so much research the scientific literature tells us about the health risks from wireless radiation.

5G networks rely on signals carried by radio waves (part of the electromagnetic spectrum) transmitted between an antenna and your phone. And the 5G produced radio waves has been considered in great depth by ICNIRP, with the restrictions set well below the lowest level of 5G related radio frequency that has been shown to cause harm.

What will be the speed of 5G?

5G is already launched in some foreign countries and the speed of 5G is very surprising. In foreign countries, the speed of 5G is around 500mbps.

But we don’t know which 5G band the telecom companies are going to use in India. So, for now, we don’t know what will be the speed of 5G in India.

But sure it will be greater than 250mbps.

Conclusion :

The speed 5G is not fixed. Different countries have different speeds of 5G networks so we are just making a guess about the speed of 5th generation network technology speed in India.