Computer Technology Industry Association or CompTIA is a trade association that’s working non-profitably. For the past 20 years, CompTIA has given about 2 million+ certifications globally to becomes the leading industry vendor for neutral IT certifications.

There researches that proves that those IT professionals having certificates earn more money in comparison to those who do not have. Moreover, the certifications make you look attractive to the hiring managers and employers, and it will also attain the attention of spiders and bots that crawl CVs and resumes for the identification of viable candidates.

So if these certificates are crucial for the industry, you should go for the most credible ones. CompTIA is the best consideration you can have.

Here is the top best CompTIA selling exams of 2019 that can help you get into one.

CompTIA CySA+ – CS0-001:

CySA+ is the only certification based on mid high stakes cybersecurity analysts. It got all the performance-based questions that include intrusion detection, security analytics, and response. Such high stakes exams are invigilated in an extremely secure environment in Pearson VUE Testing Center. CySA+ is the first updated certification for security analysts, including all the advanced and persistent threats of a 2014 post of the cybersecurity environment.


There are specific skills you will learn after getting into this CompTIA certification course.

It will make you learn threat management with the application of environmental reconnaissance techniques with all the relevant tools. Furthermore, it includes the analysis of results and implementation of the recommended response.

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You will learn vulnerability management by the implementation of the vulnerability process and analyze the results you get after scanning.

Furthermore, you will learn about security architecture and toolsets. For this, you have to use data for the recommendation of remediation of security problems concerning the access management and identity and also the recommendation of implementation strategy along with being a part in the SDLC,

This certificate will also make you learn about cyber incident response. Distinguish between the threat data for determining the incidental effect and preparation for the proper forensic tool kit.

For preparation for this exam, you should consider getting CS0-001 cysa+ exam dumps. Vendors are selling the top-quality cysa+ exam dumps that include everything a candidate needs to pass the exam. CompTIA CS0-001 cysa+ exam dumps make you practice the exam before you actually appear to boost your confidence. So this is a significant step you can take for being passed in your exams.

CompTIA PenTest+ – PT0-001:

CompTIA Pentest+ is the penetration testing exam. It includes performance-based questions, along with multiple-choice questions. This assures the knowledge, skills, and ability of each candidate for the performing of tasks on a certain system. This CompTIA exam also has management skills used for scoping, planning, and management of weaknesses, not just exploiting them.

What is it?

PT0-001 exam analyzes all the most updated penetration testing and assessment of vulnerability and management skills essential for determining the network resilience in charge of attacks.

Its successful candidates would have the intermediate level skills that are needed for the customization of assessment frameworks for effective collaboration and finding reports.

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Candidates are also needed to have the best practices for the commuting of recommended strategies for improving the entire state of IT.

Actually, this of the CompTIA tests meets all the standards of ISO 17024. Its regulators and government depend on the ANSI accreditation. It is because it gives the trust and confidence in the working of an accredited program. For about 1.3 million, CompTIA ISO/ANSI certified exams got delivered from its start on January 1, 2011.

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CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ – CLO-002:

CLO-002 is an internationally acclaimed certificate. This is a vendor-neutral certification that uses all the core business aspects and basic cloud concepts that prove all the data-driven cloud recommendations. This certificate is the only one in this field that elaborates to all the important staff members not only the IT members should know the way to increase efficiency, cost management, and reducing security risks for certain organizations whenever candidates get the task of making contemporary decisions about cloud technology.

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This particular CompTIA certificate will make you learn some crucial skills that will increase your caliber. You will get to know about cloud concepts. This will include all the details of the cloud, like the identification of cloud networking concepts and cloud storage techniques, and understanding design aspects concerning the cloud.

You will also learn about business principles and cloud environments. This skill includes the identification and employs suitable cloud tests, such as benchmarking feasibility studies, or analysis of gap. This also includes highlighting the core business principles of cloud vendor relation adoption and comprehension of the cloud migration approach.

Management and technical operation is another point you will learn as a skill. This explains the aspects of operating inside the cloud, like data management or optimization, and understanding the DevOps role in the specific cloud surrounding, such as API integration.

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