For modern age web developers, the surviving and thriving in the online world is not a piece of cake. It demands a lot of learning and timely upgrading of skills. Listed below are some of the most important things developers must learn to succeed:

  1. HTML and CSS

These may seem to be easy, it is important to master the latest versions of these languages. Mastering HTML5 and CSS3 will create super-fast and attractive experiences in browsers across several devices. No wonder most front-end developers earn higher wages as compared to server-side developers.

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  1. Writing and Drawing

Most developers don’t understand that drawing serves as the most direct way of communicating what precisely the stuff would look like. All developers must be capable of drawing their ideas on paper, mats, whiteboard, etc.

Prototyping on paper and printing screenshots will help them communicate their objective. Experts in the industry strictly advice against relying on the developer who simply nods and says that they understand it all.

  1. Testing/Debugging

Whether it is a website or a business of your loved one, international website, or site online banking, bugs have become very common in the development process. Testing code is the best way to keep things moving. You need to test bugs along the way, testing ability, and debugging.

There are several testing techniques for web development. Functional testing leads to a specific piece of functionality on your website (such as a database or form). Web developers must make sure it does everything they have coded it to do.

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Another technique is unit testing which tests even the smallest bit of code that’s responsible for one thing on website and scrutinizes it independently for accurate operation.

Testing is definitely a huge part of the front end development process. However, it is also another area where there are several frameworks to help you. Popular programs such as Mocha and Jasmine are designed precisely in a fashion to expedite and simplify testing process.

  1. Frameworks

When it comes to PHP, JavaScript, Java, Ruby, Python, and C#, these have multiple frameworks designed specifically to make web development pleasant and less time wasting. All you need to do is pick any one of these and learn it well. You can build several different web apps with it. It is also important to ensure you’ve covered features both browser and server. Once you learn one of these languages in depth, it becomes easier to learn new frameworks.

  1. Learn to Use a Jslinter (jshint)

Javascript is different from C++. It is an interpreted language and allows developers to write whatever they desire. An error will be thrown only if it makes a call to the code block containing a syntax error. Web developers must learn to use linter (a special tool) to solve this problem. Linter is a piece of code that checks syntactical rules of a language. It also displays all warnings or errors. Jshint is a lint library for Javascript. It can be installed as a plugin with Atom and Sublime IDEs.

  1. Responsive Design

Gone are the days when individuals used just one device to navigate through the website. Today, people prefer using mobile phones, laptops, and tablets to view websites. This allows them to browse through websites on the go. This is also the reason web developers are creating pages that adjust themselves to the device used by visitors. This is done by responsive design. Web developers must understand principles of responsive design and the way these should be implemented through coding (front end development).

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  1. Enjoy the Process

Regardless of the problems you face, it is important to enjoy the whole process. Developers need to display their skill set with love.