Technology Is Killing Many Peoples' JobRecently in the US country, robotics and automation is the main reason for job losses. Even the administration of the United States of America has decided to downplay the automation and robotics in the economy.

Because it works on behalf of political policies and improves the condition of the US workforce. Steve Mnuchin, the treasury secretary of US has cancelled the hope of automation and artificial intelligence.

SteveĀ  Mnuchin has said that in the future human beings will be replaced by machines, robots and automation. Technology is killing the jobs of many people and unemployment is created because of modern machines.

In the United States of America, modern machines and development in technology is the main reason for job losses of manufacturing.

As we are living in an ancient unmatched time that our job losses and the problem of unemployment are faced by the whole economy.

Can this problem is faced before the industrial revolution started. This difficult problem doesn’t have a simple solution and no attempt is done by a politician to solve this issue.

Companies and the government need to see the effect made by machines and automation on the organization.

Why people are losing their job?

Many companies are using updated machines and technology which result in unemployment and many of the people are losing their jobs.

Even the owners of the organizations are saying that automation is the main reason for job losses. In the united states of America, people have replaced by machines in a very short period of time.

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Between 2000 to 2010 in the history of US country, the manufacturing jobs has decreased. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, in the year 1994, the manufacturing job increased in the US.

But after the year 2000, five million jobs have been loss and productivity increased because of automation. In the year 1998 because of inflation output of per person was became very low compared to now.

This is taking place because technology has become advanced and new gadgets were developed and new research is going on and many experts has found various new things.

According To Expert How Jobs Is Replacing By Automation

The vice president of Software Research of GE is Colin Parris and he said that job loss is taking place because new technology is developed in the globe. And people have been replacing by machines.

Colin Paris is also said that if we have to fight against the job losses then we have to increase our skills and talent. Because we have to hold the automation and robotics in the future.

Because automation helps us to decrease the cost of the product which is not possible with the help of human beings. Technology increases the efficiency of production and it works very fast then a human being.

An owner of a technology organization has said that many jobs have the loss because of automation and robotics. James E. Bessen is the author of the paper and he said that technology does not completely automate all the occupations.

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Many of the occupations have been removed because of various reasons. In some instance, the demand for a particular service is decreased, for example, boardinghouse keepers.

In some instance, the demand for the particular product is decreased because of technology for example telegraph operators. In only one instance, peoples cannot be replaced by machines if they work hard with joy and use their skills.

Massachusetts is a maker of Soft robotic and in the last month, he was asked a question in his industrial robotic gripper. That why human beings are replaced by robots.

He gives an answer that there is a shortage of labour in the purpose of packaging and that is the reason we are working with consumers in the organization.

Even he says that they do not have many workers to control, manage and staff their organization. In the company, many workers are coming and going because they don’t get enough training and they face most of these challenges.

If you want more information about technology and if you have to know why technology is good and how it helps us or changes our way of working.

So, many of the organisation is trying to automate packaging but it takes more cost than labour. Even, David Autor who is an MIT economist has taken this issue with a nation that machines are replacing jobs.

Automation has a bad effect on the work, skills and time of workers. Whereas, it does not create more unemployment but it decreases the opportunities available for uneducated people.

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